A Poem by Lola

Time is my greatest friend, and my worst enemy.


"It'll all get better with time"


What time?


I can hear clocks ticking in the many pockets of my lungs

A thousand clockworks are strapped onto

My heart.

Busy animators bustling in my veins.

I can hear the tick tocks and they sound like my own heartbeats. 

There is a time capsule buried deep in my chest but the mourn 

And scorn banished the in-scripts

That specify when it should be released.

My blood has covered the writings and

I cannot tell how long this will take.

I'm living in a cage of sounds and noises,

Of sadness and sorrow,

If I don't know why this is happening

How will I know when it will stop?

“Only time can tell”

What can time tell?

Can it tell how I'm captured inside a soul

I don't really want to be a part of?

Can it tell how the darkest parts of me are raging like some sort of secret exorcism?

Or can it tell how the supposed sun will rise and will remind me of a better day when I once did not feel this way?

Oh, fragile time.

You've promised me too many things.

With you, I've been told I will feel the 

Soft air kiss my cheeks and 

See the colors of life.

Oh, sweet time.

I know my time with you is short.

Your influence is damaging me,

And the thought of you reduces me to tears.

Oh, disgusting time.

You are not worthy of my wait.

There is a raven picking at my guts,

And you are the only one telling me to

Let it go until I have nothing left.

Until my insides are no longer inside.

I am waiting in a world of misconceptions,

In a world full of hope.

I am pacing in a world full of ideas and thoughts I cannot comprehend. 

Back and forth I go and I come, gathering whats left of me like breadcrumbs to a hungry child.

But I am no hungry child.

So much so that I feel a nauseating pain. 

So time,

Don't implement what you have taught

The world on me.

I am not like the others,

I am impatient,

And I suppose only you can tell.

© 2016 Lola

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Gorgeously written, you're a true poet. The transitions are outstanding and the way you describe your feelings is simply stunning. Love you. Love this.

Keep em coming!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 23, 2016
Last Updated on March 23, 2016
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