A Story by DeusExMachina

A short 150 word opening for something bigger, but I thought it worked as a small description piece. Enjoy!


There is an island, between the sisters Agathe and Morgane, where all ends meet. It lies in the path of the river’s flow, what little vegetation it has swaying in a non-existent breeze. Those who know of her call her Ethera.

You can see her if you stand amongst the rows of fishing boats that are moored on the east side. If you peer between the sisters, little Ethera’s there. 

The fishermen speak of her like she’s alive.

‘Don’t anger her’ they say, ‘she’ll break your heart.’ They dare not approach her tainted shores, for they fear her. When the men are out pulling up eels from the depths of the river, they always carry a charm to ward off her vengeful spirit.

I don’t fear her.

There is an island, between the sisters Agathe and Morgan, where all ends meet.

That’s where my little sister died.


© 2012 DeusExMachina

Author's Note

Its only a short opening, and more of a showcase of my writing style than an actual story.

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Added on August 15, 2012
Last Updated on August 20, 2012
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A Story by DeusExMachina