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About Me

I love to write,I always have. Writing has always been my escape to my own little world and out of the terrifying one I was living in. I love to write fiction,but with some true stories of my life and lots of poetry and short stories.I also love to write about magical/mystical things along with some anarchy.I believe writing is one of the best ways to express yourself.A beautiful form of art.

A flash about me:
born sep.22
natural ginger
My eyes change colors, green sometimes,blue sometimes
People can see me as fat and ugly all they want, but I truly don't care anymore. I have one life to live, so I might as well make the best of it.
I do still suffer from depression, but I'm slowly overcoming.
And....That's about it.
Message me? Friend me? Review?
I'm always a great listener and am a shoulder to cry on.
You're all beautiful, Don't you dare let some one take that away from you. Or I will personally come kick their butt for you.