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write a letter either in a poem or include it in a short story. This is a letter describing your deepest feelings towards somebody. Either you're angry at them, you're deeply in love with them, etc. Or make it laugh out loud funny. Make it a letter to santa clause or jesus. Make it to however. Express yourself!

I am judging it based on depth and description and even maybe a bit of word choice depending on your letter. If it's a short story i will not be marking your actual story but how the letter relates to the story and the character's motivation along with it. Please keep the stories below 5000 words. For the letter itself, have a minimum of seven sentences. You can have it as long as you want as long as its effective. Remember that it doesn't just have to be a simple letter. You can also write it in a poem form. Be creative and have fun!!

This can be any genre and you are allowed to enter two pieces!


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1st! Yayayayayayay!! *clap* *clap* you get a cookie!! :D 1st! Yayayayayayay!! *clap* *clap* you get a cookie!! :D
2nd! woohooooo!!! 2nd! woohooooo!!!
3rd! good job! :) 3rd! good job! :)


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