Lost in Wonderland

Lost in Wonderland


Can anyone be awesome and tell me how to put youtube videos on my profile and author notes?

In the clouds, Where dreams are found
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About Me

My name is Mickey:)

I have a facbook page:) Please like it if you want <3 It has youtube videos I make, and stuff I publish on other sites. Its also where I post contest winners:) Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/Lost-in-Wonderland/109690049136888

My favorite color is GREEN!!!!

I am a triplet. No we do not look or think alike. Yes it is a great conversation starter haha:) 

^^ Last year me and my brother were in the same science class and me teacher didn't even know we were siblings until the 2nd semester haha XD

I have 3 dogs who I love:) They're all wierd in their own unique way...

We have a tank full of canabalistic fish...all our pets are kinda odd

My favorite bands are The Fray and Maroon 5 and Imogen Heap

My favorite solo artist is Sarah Barellies

My fave generes of music are soft rock and alternative

My favorite songs right now are:
Your guardian angel- red jumpsuit apparatus
Parslyzer- Fingers 11
Sing- my chemical romance
 and some others

I'm a Christian and my fave (known) Christian singer is Chris Tomlin. My fave song my him is All my fountains <3

I've been in 17 plays and musicals in my short life. (mostly musicals)
Some rolls include: Sandy: Greece
                                Ms. Hannigan: Annie
                               Cookie Cusack: Rumors
                              Matron "mama" Morton: Chicago
                               Juliet: The colpete works of William Shakespere (abridged!)

I wrote a song that was published in a musical:) No lie, its called reach and its in a shw called How to be a Rockstar: On Tour. Its a play for kids to be in but it still made me happy to get published like that!

I have been performing seriously since 2nd grade, either singing or acting and used to be in dance as a todler. 

I love to dance but I am not very good! Haha don't ever watch me attempt hip hop

I've taken voice lessons but never been in a quior.

I used to play alto saxophone but gave it up for art and theatre

I'm sooooo  not athletic, but I love kayacking and hiking!!

I can't read music -_-

My favorite thing to do is get sucked into a good book!

Best series ever: The River of Time: Lisa T. Bergen. (1) Waterfall (2) Cascade (3) Torrent
(4) Bourne (5) Tributary

Best actor in the whole freaking world that I WILL marry one day: Johnny Depp <3 <3 <3

I love dark/super natural romances! Rarely will I read realistic highschool romances. I need me some kidnappng or abuse or vampires or time travel or something!

I love to write almost or as much as I love to act and sing <3

Stephen Sondheim is a freaking musical genius!!! If you don't know him... *slow sad head shake*

I love the musicals: Wicked, Sweeny Todd, Into the Woods, Newsies, and Chicago <3

I will always talk to you about religion, but only if you aren't ride about it. I'm here to help not argue.

I have trust issues that I'm working on

I generally don't take stong stands on stuff like gay marriage and abortion, but I have some strong feelings about world war 2. I am part german and Austrian but that war makes me so mad! How in the eworld can you burn innocent children alive and then smile for a freaking picture!! I know not all german soldiers knew the full extent of what was happening but the ones that did... hopefully God has mercy on their soul...

^^that subject gets me really worked up.

My sister has a mental disabiliyt so I hate the word retarded whe its used to call someone stupid. Its a bit offensive to me. Most people don't realize that...

I love my followers and readers <3 You all are so amzing and supportive :)

God Bless!

-Lost in Wonderland

^^Thats me:)


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Posted 11 Years Ago

i may have to un-friend you, and re-add you, i think the videos have messed up your profile a bit...

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Mine is messing up as well... I feel terrible, but I may have to temporarily unfriend you until you edit some things.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

My account is glitching out as well I may have to remove you from my friends list and re-add you.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

I think the videos you added somehow messed something up cuz I keep not being able to see anything if you've done anything on WC...

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Did you change your name? Because its glitching out my account ><

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Posted 11 Years Ago

test comment

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Posted 11 Years Ago

not on purpose:( i tried to embed some videos and it wiped all my stuff! Any ideas how to get it back?

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Posted 11 Years Ago


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Posted 11 Years Ago

HEY!:) Thanks for the awesome reviews!:) I would review comment on them but for some reason I can't view those writings right now...:/
But thanks!!:) You're great!:)

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Thank you for the sweet comment! I'm glad you like reading my work ^_^ And the fact that you write such amazing pieces is what makes me so nice xD