Alexander the Protector

Alexander the Protector

A Story by Lost in Wonderland


     Alexander, son of Icarious, was a simple fisherman. He drew the attention of many admirers with his tall, well built stature, his olive skin, and his curly black hair that fell to his shoulders. He had a kind heart and always looked at the world with optimistic eyes.  

    Alexander loved the ocean very much and in turn was very faithful to the god Poseidon. Many nights in the year, he would sacrifice fine horses to the god of the sea.

    Poseidon was very pleased with Alexander. He often noticed how the young fisherman would show bravery when people were swept away by the tides by going to save them. This made Poseidon think highly of the man. So one night, while Alexander was laying peacefully by the shore, Poseidon emerged from the depths and came to the shocked man. Alexander immediately bowed down before the immortal being with green eyes a thousand years old and wise.

    “Rise son of Icarious,” Poseidon directed in a fatherly tone. Alexander hesitantly got to his feet, his emerald eyes never leaving the figure in front of him.

    “To what do I owe the honor lord Poseidon?” Alexander asked, voice thick with curiosity.

    “It is my daughter, Coralia. She is a water nymph whose mother died 16 years ago right after she gave birth to the girl.” Poseidon gritted his pearly teeth, “That monstrous king of Athens, Cecrops, has kidnapped her under the advice of Athena.” He sneered the name as if it tasted bad in his mouth. “He intends to force her into marriage. That will not happen after he rejected me as patron god.” There was a murderous glint in Poseidon’s eyes.

    “What must I do?”

    “You, Alexander, must go and save her. Obviously, you shall face many perils but rest assured, I will be watching over you to make sure your journey is successful.”

    Alexander was overwhelmed. “Me? B-but I am just a humble fisherman! I cannot save your daughter.”

   Poseidon looked at him sternly. “Alexander, do you know what your name means?” Alexander shook his head no so the god went on. “It means protector. You were given that name for a reason. Do not waste it; go, protect my daughter. You shall not fail.”

    Alexander took a deep breath, drew all of his strength and courage, then nodded, “Alright my lord. I will go rescue your daughter.”

* * *

    The very next morning, Alexander and a crew of 15 men boarded a ship and set out across the sea to Athens. The sea stayed very clam courtesy of Poseidon. All seemed to be going well and most of the men were teeming with excitement.

    “A nymph!” They would exclaim, “A daughter of Poseidon, ours for the taking! I bet she’ll be as beautiful as all the legends say. And she’ll be so grateful that she will never leave us! What a pretty little doll we shall have on our hands!” They all laughed with wolfish grins as the days went on. But Alexander could not join in their fun. He remembered what Poseidon told him; there would be many perils ahead. So why did it seem so easy….

    “I don’t understand Poseidon! What is supposed to happen to us?” Alexander cried out in confusion. Surely it could not be this simple.

    “Oh quit your worrying, Alexander!” One drunken man slurred. “Why are you so sure that something bad is going to ha-”

    That’s when the singing started.

    All of the men stopped what they were doing and stared at the winged maidens lounging on some large rocks. Their euphonious voices carried hypnotizing harmonies through the air. One slender blond girl flew over to Alexander and smiled sweetly at him.

    “Hello there, brave sailor.” She murmured in a low, seductive voice.

    “H-hello.” Alexander stammered, bewitched by the young woman’s beauty. She giggled melodically and started to sing again. Backing away from him, the girl dared him to follow her, even as she jumped of the boat and into the air.

    “Come to me sailor.“ She beckoned invitingly. Alexander walked toward her, entranced. Just as he was about to leap after her, the deep voice of a familiar god stopped him dead in his tracks.


    That one, chilling word snapped Alexander out of his trance. He looked around in dismay as he saw man after man be lured to their death. The drunkard dove in after an enchantress with crimson hair. Instead of her love, he became her lunch.

    “Men! Close your ears, do not be trapped by their melodic voices! These are sirens! Sirens!” Alexander called in panic. None of his crew heard him over the haunting siren song.

    “What ever is wrong, my gentle sailor?” the yellow-haired siren asked, landing once more next to Alexander. She sang alluringly in his ear, “Don’t you want a kiss?” The enchantress leaned into Alexander. As soon as her honey lips touched his, he thrust his sword into her black heart. The siren let out a horribly, inhuman screech. Everything grew silent as she fell dead. The lack of music allowed the men to snap out of their trance, and they realized the danger.

    “Get them!” One cried, and the 8 men left started slashing their swords. The frightened sirens, flew away, cowering on their rocks. The remaining men cheered and sailed safely away.

* * *

    Two weeks later, Alexander and the remainder of his crew landed on the shore of Athens. “Stay here,” he ordered them. “I will go alone. I want none of you to be in danger. If I do not return by sunset tomorrow, return home.” The crew tried to protest, but their leader silenced them by promising Poseidon would watch over him. Reluctantly, they let him go, and Alexander made his way to the palace of Cecrops.

    Cecrops’ palace stood large and intimidating on the western shore of Athens. Drawing all his courage, Alexander entered to the alarm of many guards.

    “Do not try and stop me!” He commanded as multiple servants chased after him. “I am sent by the god of the sea to speak to your king. If you deny me this, surely you will face Poseidon’s wrath.” He cocked a daring eyebrow at all of them. Fearful of the god Poseidon, they led Alexander to Cecrops’ room and left the two alone.

    Alexander tried to hide his shock. All the legends were true: The king of Athens was half man…half snake! He had a muscled torso and a wise face. But instead of legs, Cecrops had a long, slithering tail, and a snake tongue to match.

    “Who are you, young s-s-s-sailor? And what bringssss you here?” Cecrops hissed.

     Alexander stood tall and spoke in a strong voice, “I am Alexander, the protector, sent here by the god Poseidon to return his daughter to him. You shall release her to me easily, or I will have to kill you.”

    Cecrops laughed menacingly. “You think it that easy, boy? Coralia shall be mine, no matter what your beloved Poseidon has to say about it. So you want her? Fine, then draw your sword, child. We shall see who walks away alive!” The creature unsheathed a long, sharp blade and pointed it at Alexander as if it were a funny, little game. Furious, and driven by the will of gods, Alexander drew his sword with a foreign battle cry. He rushed at Cecrops and the two-man and beast- battled fiercely.

    After a while, Cecrops cut Alexander’s bare arm. Alexander cried out in agony and the king laughed. “Give up, boy. You cannot win this-s-s-s!”

    Alexander lowered his sword, panting heavily. He looked as if he was giving up. Cecrops guffawed and turned away. It was then that Alexander struck the creature a deadly blow, chopping off his grotesque tail.

    “NOO!” Cecrops bellowed, writhing on the cold, stone floor. Alexander knocked him out so no one would come checking on the commotion. Then he kneeled down and prayed to Poseidon.

    “Where is she, lord Poseidon. Where is your daughter? Lead me to her.”

    A small voice came to him, “At the end of the left corridor, Alexander. Hurry! She is dying! Go, Alexander, go!” Alexander did as the voice told him and ran to the last door in the left side of the palace.

    The room, or rather cave, he entered was very cold. Alexander squinted his eyes against the darkness and saw a frail figure hunched against the far wall, hands tied behind her back. She wore a simple white gown, but her feet were bare. She had long, dark curls that flowed down to her slender waist. Her eyes were as blue as a river, and her lips were tinted the same color. Her olive skin looked ashen, and her breathing was severely taxed.

    When she saw Alexander, she gasped in fear and shrunk back into a corner. “Please,” she rasped desperately, “Please don’t hurt me!”

    Alexander knelt in front of the trembling girl and stroked her soft cheek. She let out a shaky sigh at his warmth. “Shh, now, do not fret. I will not hurt you. Are you Coralia the water nymph?” He asked caringly. The girl nodded feebly. “Alright. I am Alexander. Listen, I am going to get you out of here. Your father, Poseidon sent me. We must hurry though.” He explained, cutting Coralia’s bonds and sweeping her into his strong arms.

    "A-Alexander?” She whispered, eyes slipping closed; she was about to faint.

    “Yes?” He replied, weaving through the palace hallways and finally emerging to the light of a full moon.

     “Please… w-water. I-I’m so th-thirsty. The king refused to give me water until I married him. I n-need it.” Coralia coughed weakly. Horrified at Cecrops' cruelty, Alexander nodded and rushed to the beach. Gently, he laid her in the shallow waves. She breathed, deep and fast, eyes opened wide. She submerged deeper into the water for a few minutes. Alexander worried that she’d swam off, but then she resurfaced. She embraced Alexander, salty tears streaming down her flushed face. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She whispered, clinging to her hero with all her might.

     Alexander held her tight and kissed the beautiful nymph. “Alright my sweet, we must go back home before someone comes for you.” Coralia nodded in agreement and they hurried to the ship.

* * *

    When Alexander, Coralia, and the 8 crew members returned home, a great feast was held. Poseidon appeared to embrace his daughter and give her to Alexander as his wife. Alexander was very joyful and married the lovely nymph that very night. Since they both loved the water, Alexander and his bride built a house right on the beach. They lived there for many happy years and had many beautiful children. When Alexander died, he was made into a constellation and Coralia went to live in Olympus with her father so she could be closer to both of them. And every time she looked at the stars, she felt warmth on her cheek where he had first touched hem and she lived in eternal joy forever more.

© 2012 Lost in Wonderland

Author's Note

Lost in Wonderland
I had to make up a hero and write a story about him for english, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it!

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nice one i really liked it

Posted 11 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

11 Years Ago

thank you:) God Bless
Great write

Posted 11 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

11 Years Ago

Thanks:) God bless
Resentment aside that I wasn't chosen for a prize in this contest, I must hand it to you- you are a good writer and this is a well-written story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This belongs in a leather bound book with fancy gold lettering, the ones that belong in some ornate candle-light library with the pretty borders on the page XD

Love the mythical mood you have seamlessly woven through this piece. Maybe a book in this style is in order...? you're great at it!!
My only problems were with some usage of commas, and the sword fight scene. I feel you could have dragged it out a bit longer, made me sit up on the edge of my seat for a little while. Just my opinion though
Lastly, it closed with a happy, peaceful, heartwarming ending. I feel so satisfied with it (since this story will be in my mind for a while now). I think a lot of writers (myself included) focus too much on making the reader sad, instead of making the reader happy. Im so glad i read this!!

If you ever decide to start a book like this (or in this style) be sure to let me know!!( sorry if you already have one--i dont have the time to check at the moment.)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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