MasQuerade Ball  August 22, 2008 - September 13, 2008

Contest Completed


Master Masqurader - Twisted Mask (Thoughts Of A True Madman)
Grand Masquerader - True Masquerade
Great Masquerader - PUNCHINELLO (A Petrarchan Sonnet)
Master of Deception - Mask
The Grand Deceiver - [writing deleted]
The Great Deceiver - Inner Demon
Master of Disguise - Detestation
The Grand Disguiser - A Mother\'s Mask
The Great Disguiser - Jaded Vanity
Master of Pretense - The Silent Masquerade
The Grand Pretender - Distorted Visage
The Great Pretender - Masquerade
Mysterious Mask Award - YOU DON\'T KNOW ME
The Joker Award - Laughing like the Sun
The Facade Award - [writing deleted]
Behind The Mask Award #1 - Waltz of a Lunatic
BTM Award #2 - Hard
BTM Award #3 - the real me
BTM Award #4 - [writing deleted]
BTM Award #5 - Lies


Come one, Come all to the Masqurade Ball!!

What I'll be asking for in this contest is poetry about anything Masqurade as in Deception, phony, fake, pretense, anything hidden behind the mask or persona of people, lies, deceit pretty much going on the lines of untruth and you may send up to 3 pieces for this contest~ So go Behind the Mask
and send in those poems Rhyme or Unrhyme , and let me see your devious nature~ Good Luck and have fun!!~Fran Marie


A year Supply of Masks~jk :)


  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
Paris, KY


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