Rant & Rave  February 27, 2009 - March 22, 2009

Contest Completed


Ranting & Raving at its Best! You are Insane- Top Winner - Comedy Or Tragedy
Engulfed in Rage - Voices of the World
Seeing Pure Red - Look What You\\\'ve Done
Flamingly Furious - DWI
Criminally Insane - [writing deleted]
Outrageously Angry - [writing deleted]
Beyond Help - [writing deleted]
Going Postal - Would You Care?
You Scare Me - [writing deleted]
Seek Anger Management - Ode To Sarah Palin


*only members of the Asylum (for poets) will be considered for the win so if you're not a member, then join the group for F's sake!*

Here's your chance. I want your poems filled with ranting & raving about whatever it is you want to rant & rave about: love, polictics, society, whatever issues are driving you up the wall! I want to feel the rage, the madness. Make me angry!!!!!


$0.00, a badge & respect from your fellow inmates :)


the looney bin


19 Contestants
43 Submissions
Created Feb 28, 2009

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