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Reading and Deliberating


Submit the one piece you most want reviewed, and I will review it for you. I will choose the best five and rank them here, so other people can find and review your work too.

If you want me to review your piece, however, you must read and review my book, Scarlett: A Game of Russian Rulette. There are only two chapters up. If you are not interested in the book, you may review any of my poems, but I really do want feedback on my book.

Yes, this is shameless self promotion.

You can submit anything, be it poetry, stories, books, chapters, etc... But you can not submit more than one thing.
Once I see you have reviewed me, I will read and review your piece (and if I really like it I will check out more of your stuff) and when the contest ends I will post the winners!

And by review, I mean review. Not comment. I will write a full review of your piece(s?), and I hope you do the same for mine (:


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