Happy mothers day to all the mothers on here

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About Me

Here is what you need to know about me - anything else is just a bonus
**All of my work is copyrighted and I won't hesitate to report any person who has stolen my work.**

1. I have been here since 2011
2.My Favorite Band is Nickelback
3. Man Crush For Life is JOHNNY DEPP
He gives me breathing problems lol
4.The Nostalgia Critic <3 (Super Funny)
5. I wish it could be the 90's again what a great time.
6. I like reading Manga. I am not so much into Anime but maybe I just haven't found the right one.
7. History is my favorite subject ever in life
8. I have over 300 writings on here (Yes I counted lol)
9. I'm shy but once you get to know me I am still shy lol but not as shy
10. Playingwithdinosaurs, Noodlehead/Noodlebumble and Jamie are the coolest writers on here. you should check them out.
11. I love a man in uniform

Top 8 Shows I like

1. Sherlock Holmes BBC
2. Whose line is it anyway?
3. Golden Girls (Don't judge me XD)
4. Big Bang Theory
5. The Simpsons
6. American Dad
7. Family Guy
8. Orange is the new black

Bands I love

1. Big Bang
2. Miss A
3.Super Junior
4. Girls Generation
5. Exo-K
6.Block B
7.Bangtan Boys
12. 2 p.m.
13. Vixx

Documentaries are awesome! I love David Attenbourgh he is awesome! Anything really most history stuff or ocean ones are the ones I like.

I got into writing because my friend Jess told me about this site back in 2011. I had some poems I had already written and decided to put them on here. At first I was like no one is going to read my stuff but after a while and a lot of reviews later here I am with over 300 writings and still going! Here's to 300 more!

*I now have 500 writings*

**All of my work is copyrighted and I won't hesitate to report any person who has stolen my work.**