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Serious Rhyming  July 30, 2013 - August 1, 2013

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Serious Sally/Sam - The Wind
Seriously Amazing - Still Bravely Singing, Fly
Seriousness Time - Freedom: A Dream Worth Fighting For
In All Seriousness You're Great - [writing deleted]
Seriously Blew Me Away - If Today Was Your Last Day
Seriously It's Amazing - Catching Darkness
Seriously Keep Writing - Keeping Score
Seriously Brilliant - So It Has Come To This
Honorable Mention - Confiding in a friend
I Personally Really Enjoyed - [writing deleted]


i want to be able to understand a clear message with some rhyming at the end, a clear rhyme scheme, set with great vocabulary, i just want the entertainment of rhyming but a very well message brought out in it.


ill send you pictres of pretty ribbons and tropies



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Created Jul 30, 2013