Shakespeare Undead Contest  September 15, 2010 - November 15, 2010

Contest Completed


Shakespeare Undead Award - [writing deleted]
Resurrecting Hamlet Award - + BLACKCROSS INN +
Rotting Romeo Award - Ghosts of Lovers
Mummified MacBeth Award - A Killing
A Midsucking Nightmare's Dream Award - Still Clouded
Bordello of Blood for Othello Award - The Curse From Madame Rouge
Killing King Lear Award - Darkness taking over
Hungry Howling King Henry Award - Night Terrors
Juicy Jugular Vein Of Juliet Award - Sweet death..
Cannibal Cleopatra Ate Antony Award - My Life Inside A Graveyard.


i want horror poems that have a shakespeare feel to them ... i'll will award on the ones that are the darkest but with the classic shakespeare touch to it...


a cool award by your piece of writing


Sean M. Addams
Sean M. Addams
Davidson, NC


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Created Sep 15, 2010