Spiritual Writing: Who I've Become  January 10, 2009 - February 8, 2009

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Best Soulful Insight - the rule of one
Best Soulful Awareness - for god so loved...
West Virginia Soul - WHAT I HAVE BECOME
Soulful Writer Award - [writing deleted]
Soulful Poet Award - Halfway North with Purple Juice
Soul of WV Award - [writing deleted]


I promised to create a new contest yesterday and completely forgot to post it. Time got away from me. It always does on Fridays.

So. Here is a new writing exercise. I have noticed that many of our poets and writers here at WV Writers and (Albert�s Caf� for that matter) are spiritual people. Each has his/her own path, tradition etc. Consequently, I would like to offer a challenge that will focus on the genre of Spiritual Writing.

You are welcome to speak in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, essay�really any form of written word.

Let�s define our challenge a bit more thoroughly. What is Spiritual Writing?

Spiritual Writing is an interesting genre. It is often described as a subtle, �personal essay� that embraces a sacred understanding or encounter in life or memory. Another theory holds that Spiritual Writing is associated with transcendence in a spiritual sense�communication that captures deep and profound moments.

It is hard to define Spiritual Writing because it is so personal. Most markets make a strong distinction as to what Spiritual Writing is not: an opportunity to proselytize, ghost stories, narratives of conversion accounts, explanations of dogma or personal religious attachments.

So, this challenge might take some thought and organizing. Let�s simplify it:

Using the concept or perception of �fear,� and using any form you would like, produce a spiritual writing that will describe the essence of who you have become as a person. Stay away from didactic writing if you can (telling/preaching) and focus on the use of imagery and metaphor.

Let�s see what we come up with.

I will be out of town from January 15-22, so this contest will go until January 30, 2009.

There will be three awards:
(1) Best Soulful Insight
(2) Best Soulful Awareness
(3) West Virginia Soul

(if we have a lot of submissions�I might add more awards the last week of the contest),

So, I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better�Remember�

Be True To Yourself!


Best Soulful Insight , Best Soulful Awareness, West Virginia Soul; Soulful Writer Award; Soulful Poet Poet Award; Soul of WV Award



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