Thankful November  October 30, 2015 - November 23, 2015

Contest Completed


First Place - [writing deleted]
Second Place - Somehow Tomorrow
Third Place - `Sweet Sounds`
Honorable Mention - Hearth and Home and Holidays


Looking for any poetry having to do with being thankful for something in honor of thanksgiving. You can look at this many different ways. It could be something you are thankful to have or maybe it's something bad that happened to you that you have recovered from. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be PG/PG13.
Looking forward to read what you all got for me!

OPPORTUNITY ALERT: this is not required for the competition i am putting this here as a way to get interested people. If you are 19 or younger you can go to the link below to learn more about an opportunity to get published.


I'll review the poem that gets first place and then everyone who places I'll feature in a blog post on my blog



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Created Oct 31, 2015