The Great Preface  December 14, 2010 - December 17, 2010

Contest Completed


Best Overall Preface - A Forgiver in Ivory
Most intriguing Preface - Fratres Aeterni- Prologue
Best First Line - Thunders kiss (prologue)


How will you get the reader hooked? Enter the preface of your book, and we ll see who s beginning is the most interesting.

1. Must be short, don't push beyond 3 paragraphs or 1 page on word.
2. Must be a preface, not a first chapter.
3. Must be Original work.
4. Prologues and Epigraphs may be used.
Stay within the guidelines for the the best chance to win.

Awards will be given out to whoever writes the best preface, the most intriguing preface, and the best first line of a preface. It is possible for someone to win more than 1 award.
Good luck! Submissions must be in by Sunday.



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4 Submissions
Created Dec 14, 2010