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moncton, new brunswick, Canada
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About Me

Time is destiny shaped by fate only the past embarks for the future in which the present contradicts past recollections. As memories hinder ones reflection although the past is not ment to dwell our future is for the making.

The past is but the ignorant bliss in search for the vanity through the darkest shadows to be triumphantly vanquished.

As these perils patiently remain. For every rise comes a fall from grace as time is gentile for every eye to see. It's but the reflection before thee. As we're together forever within thought and mind together forever until the end of time amen.

T'was born in moncton new brunswick on december 27th 1982 the son of patricia leger and bill proser my only sibling my dear sister juanita leger.

In my early teenage years i was a writer in the making. By then i soon learned my passion for writing would only grow with experience. But at that time my voice would be unheard. Only within the thoughts for one day i could be the voice for my time.

In high school i seeked refuge within the drama club. Drawn into the world from a time that seemed uncertain by the years of my youth. My peers of those i've seen were color blind to a black sheep as most young men were stubborn by my ways was i only to learn.

Beyond writing i grew fond for mythology so it seemed at this time that the essence of writing needed this magic. mythology became what it was only to become. Or so i thought at the time was but the conception of ones ego.

If only to perceive this essence became the foundation and structure within my later experience as a writer.

After high school i kind of lost touch with reality or society which i rejected or just both. This is but the reflection as an outcast. Yet the further i think this was societies reflection of me.

Why stride along the paths of life only to be the burden with strife for pro-social identity that could never be seen nor a voice one would hear.

Slowly turning to the life of crime where i found i belonged. One thing i noticed, it's survival of the
fittest, everybody who gave me my start i've
ripped off to go on my own, but my criminal
history is a story within it self. But hey it's like
what scarface used to say everyday above
ground is a good day.

An artist who only dwells within the world that their
quill elaborates as every mind perceives the voice
that distinguishes every style of that artist.

Like words actions become vocal for others to discern ones colors within metaphoric levity as
orotund paradoxes.

A father will pass morals onto their young yet an
art father will bless the one who follows their lead
to predecess.

Hugh morton built the foundation through strength
and patience. Where as michelangelo buonarroti
inspired my poetic voice for those who hear. It's
because of the few them two and you who led me
here. So enjoy some fun from the little evil one.

Besides writing i also experiment with art although not the best i am a legitimate artist but my true form of expression is poetry this is my gift from god.

As a pastelist my art is the conception of free thought sought by thy will of what i can perceive through art. And only this essence is my belief of what i can do and not to deceive my thoughts of all the things full of wishful thinking. Of art that i can't do, this is the conception of art from the heart.

Aside from art i am a devout catholic who studies the bible, both spirtually and scientifically as a firm believer of the read of god and the passion of christ.

The foundation and structure of my poetry is based on fundamentals and inspiration from those most high within the renaissance era from science to ideological philosophy.

If poetry is designed to arouse emotion and
passion defined by the readers notion then i
have greatly succeeded as a writer.

The style of my poetry has always been a work in progress as i reflect on the demons i'm battling within my life as i'm bringing them out from the shadows into the light for all to see.

This poetic satire represents the bodies in the sents of divinity within the structure of contemporary maccabees that discern the transparency of each epigram that forms the system of bodies from my interpretation of thee art of war this is but the reflection from my conception of god.

Struggling with mental illness is seen between an obscene taboo and an addiction to pain killers is how i deal from all wounds that never healed.

As a writer i find myself within the balance of being a poet or a creative writer. Where one day i could be considered to be one or the other.

Although it's my fate for others to hate because of
my artistic talent furthermore people hate what they
don't understand. Only i'm distinguished far further
apart from their degenerate art.

there are artists and posers as one will steal your
heart but the other will disdain over your rain from
the start.

This poet is an artist who became liberated from the fringe of society.

While in prison i studied renaissance art and furthered my academics through the ms program
preening my mind too finish my business entrepreneurship but later chose freelance engineering. Just a pundit string under the

divadel portion or divadel crotinin are the works of a paragonal philosophical satire


"parental advisory: enlightened by the heightened cognition"

As i have devoted five years of my life to write this satire i now reflect upon it's completion,yet i will forever regret it's seeming entity of unfinished structures.

Please enjoy this divine comedy thanks for reading friend.