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In this group, we will be collaborating on a variety of Roleplay scenarios. There will be five scenarios that will be opening soon, currently two open. These scenarios will remain open for an undetermined length of time, during which anyone can enter and add to what is going on? In your first post in a scenario, introduce your character.
Benefits of Roleplay for writers includes; increasing dialogue skills, keeping creative juices flowing in improvisation type scenarios, interact with other writers and learn from their styles, and improve skills in various scenarios (i.e. Fights scenes, emotional scenes, etc).
Only post any written works to the group if they were inspired by a Roleplay done by the group. Each new piece posted that is clearly inspired by a Roleplay will be featured for a time on the main page.
If there are any questions on how this group or the Roleplays will work, feel free to post questions in forum.

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