A Poem by Chris

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Haruumph… life so far huh?  well, there HAS been snow - a bit.  And a lil sun - on occasion.  Rain by the bucket, measurable cold and S H O P P I N G!  Even window shopping is - IS - allowed, if just to draw the eyes to the faces of others looking on in desire and wish!  Eating out is an adventure in affording and hopefully not disappointing in reality.  Reading is as always a diversion best left to lightness and zombie apocalypses BUT music!  Music holds thoughts of sharing during the silences after.  Hmmm… life - continues… the alternative is unacceptable.


Do you drive?  

Are you driven?  Everywhere?  

Go …Anywhere?

Walk in the sun?

The dark?  Moonlight, noonlight -

ever aflight…

Gaze from others' shadows?

Live others' dreams?  Lives?

Ever yours? …Never?



Ever …Wish by-the-stars,

wish for stars…


BE …as all… or just as one?

…even none?


Stand in the rain?

Perhaps …ARE the rain?

Breathe a lover's breath - shared

though like-as-not unshared

but you DO taste …you DO

taste …LOVE… in the music…

of life.


Do you SEE -

where you are, were, will be?

Do you remember?

Will you …dance

with the faire?

Just once …once…

as so very, very few have

or ever will -

and share that moment

as only YOU can -

if not for you

…then for me?



…for me - because you can.






© 2018 Chris

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love the title, first off

the poem. it is like making the most of a rainy day.
the day we save our pennies for
and the music, life is music
and you can hear it the tapping of the rain or the tapping of fingers
the sirens on the street or the rumble of the train
i sort of read this as a don't let the rain bring you down, jump in it and get wet
just my thoughts

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Good thoughts to share.
hmmmmm i feel uplifted and a certain exuberance in your words ...great title! i like the paragraph intro as everyone is so sick of waiting for this years elusive spring ... and one more ice and snow storm crashes down :{
as i read i take a taste of various things i can do to counter the doldrums ... some philosophical thoughts to live by ...a dab of glorious nature not to forget nor let pass by our moments ...and for me..a final hint of a loved one not present physically ... but memories can unite us no matter the time nor distance .. very much enjoyed reading ... well done says i!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Einstein Noodle

1 Month Ago

i think your poetry reflect deep thought always ...lots of meaning ...one can pick and choose ;) we .. read more

1 Month Ago

I've coffee and await sunrise ...and the rain will pause.
Einstein Noodle

1 Month Ago

:) .................. love ya brother! the sun is rising here ..grey skies ..rain is dripping at the.. read more
Indeed, we need to be in the moment...enjoy the rain or the sun or the wind....whatever is available. We need to laugh, to cry, to feel. The older we get, the more we realize this....enjoy whatever life has to offer because some day it will not even offer that. I liked this, Chris...a unique view on life. Lydi**

Posted 1 Month Ago

Moved me in ways so few can.
Thank you.

Posted 1 Month Ago

the older I get , the more I appreciate everything, the little things I never noticed are now wonderments to my eyes.My imagination dances to life's music and and i savour the moments instead of rushing through them; but of course we only do these things when we realize time is not on our side ..

Posted 1 Month Ago

Hi Chris I woke to 4 inchs of snow today welcome to spring friend. You being north of me have to be seeing the same

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

CHuckling here...G'morning Tate... We had snow and MORE snow and still MORE snow... on days when it .. read more
Tate Morgan

2 Months Ago

I get that I do the same have it on the porch i dont even use the window brush any more I use the br.. read more

2 Months Ago

yeppers... faster over all... better reach as well.
Just because you can all is possible f you want to- taking the first step to discover hidden wonders that weren’t so hidden after all it was us that was hiding not seeing not being seen unaware of the inner dream - wonderful words- live the way uve written it - and I ask what are your answers? 🌹

Posted 2 Months Ago

What a beautiful piece of magic, Chris. Feel as if we've just sat sitting across a table, catching up, learning anew.. thougths, ideas shared.. You start in a general way, looking at others, inviting them to share.. then come the final stanza, your vision's narrowd and you're in a perhaps reality where and when words become bolder yet, gentle as can be Magic.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Chris, your originality, skill and creativity are second to none. I absolutely love the title and introduction that set a worthy stage for the awe-inspiring free- verse that follows. Then- the musicality, the form and flow, the questions, the nuances, the invitation to dance “for me-because you can”- all beautifully terpsichorean. A delight to read and feel deeply.

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Was good seeing you... and listening to your thoughts.
Inspiring, what are you conspiring. Are you even tiring? I know I can never tire of your inspire. within me you alight a passionate fire.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Lansing, MI

"Snow is a natural wonder... and an oft appreciated moment of childishness." - Chris "Reality is always the next version of "lifeware" we download." But the "Terms of Service" can be a real biatch.. more..

"R-U-in..." "R-U-in..."

A Poem by Chris

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