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Haruumph… life so far huh?  well, there HAS been snow - a bit.  And a lil sun - on occasion.  Rain by the bucket, measurable cold and S H O P P I N G!  Even window shopping is - IS - allowed, if just to draw the eyes to the faces of others looking on in desire and wish!  Eating out is an adventure in affording and hopefully not disappointing in reality.  Reading is as always a diversion best left to lightness and zombie apocalypses BUT music!  Music holds thoughts of sharing during the silences after.  Hmmm… life - continues… the alternative is unacceptable.


Do you drive?  

Are you driven?  Everywhere?  

Go …Anywhere?

Walk in the sun?

The dark?  Moonlight, noonlight -

ever aflight…

Gaze from others' shadows?

Live others' dreams?  Lives?

Ever yours? …Never?



Ever …Wish by-the-stars,

wish for stars…


BE …as all… or just as one?

…even none?


Stand in the rain?

Perhaps …ARE the rain?

Breathe a lover's breath - shared

though like-as-not unshared

but you DO taste …you DO

taste …LOVE… in the music…

of life.


Do you SEE -

where you are, were, will be?

Do you remember?

Will you …dance

with the faire?

Just once …once…

as so very, very few have

or ever will -

and share that moment

as only YOU can -

if not for you

…then for me?



…for me - because you can.






© 2018 Chris

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Chris you've put into words here thought and questions similar to my own when I'm out, off the mountain and look at other people milling around "in public". Are these even thought and musings people make anymore? As my time goes by, less and less of these feelings are reflected in the eyes of passer-bys. Haruumph is possibly an understatement as so often I see that the "unacceptable" is more and more "acceptable"... terrific statement and observation here Chris, and well expressed.

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

I wish you had chosen to live nearer... I would have bought the coffee.
Questioning, that provokes introspection..
causing hearts to consider why and how they beat. thanks !

Am I for me, alone.. or is most of me for others.?

Not sure what "dance with a farire" means.. unless
it means to entertain a fantasy .. .. a lot of ideas there !

Must admit at this stage , I am constantly wondering what will be..
how will it be, will they be..? where will I be till.. .. .......

Luckily .I remember, dates, my SSN, Bank Account Numbers and such.. Ha .

Lovingly, and longingly and painfully I remember Little smiles, Little hugs, caring..LOVE

Sadly I remember deaths , abuse, frowns.. knockdowns , anger and even hate.

Sorry, I should be writing about YOU.... I get caught up in your words, thoughts
ideas.. and honesty .. you always take me away, and bring me back too !

Maybe Haruumph is a battle cry .. or the sound of a foot stomping
or a heart trying to start up again, and again ... ..
Perhaps it's a sound only made in silence .. or under still deep waters...

Thanks for being YOU, right out in the open ..lol.. for all to see and hear !

God Bless..take Care ....


Posted 1 Week Ago


I like this. This is a good read. I find it moving and also, very, very amusing!

I like the pacing of the poem. How it starts out slowly then quickens for me. (I guess, that's just how I read it ) Haruumph

If only I had read this sooner. Especially, during times, where I just didn't want to get out of bed. And just stay there; lost in a daydream.

Can sweet talk me out of bed. Haruumph I meant, snap me out of a day dream... haha - and back to where "life - continues… (because) the alternative is unacceptable"

This is beautiful, sweet, and I found to be, very romantic.

(Haruumph) great use of this! 💯

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Life IS just like this... I'm glad I could share a smile with you.
This is moving, thought provoking and humorous, all at the same time. I enjoyed it very much. Well done.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Nice of you to pause and leave thoughts as well! Hope to see you again.

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Lansing, MI

"Snow is a natural wonder... and an oft appreciated moment of childishness." - Chris "Reality is always the next version of "lifeware" we download." But the "Terms of Service" can be a real biatch.. more..

"R-U-in..." "R-U-in..."

A Poem by Chris

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