It's the Fear

It's the Fear

A Poem by BenightedWhispers

My inspiration for this came from a basic idea from the book I am currently reading. It's called "Lolita" by Vladimir Nobokov. It's an interesting book and it made me realize something; of all my poetry, I have not done one so incredible.


It's the fear that makes you tremble.

It's the fear that makes you weak.

It's the fear that makes you quiver

Every time you speak.


It's the fear that someday,


Your life will go away.

It's the fear that everything has its place.

It's the fear that compels the temptation.

It's the fear you have the urge.


It's the fear that your daughter will fade away.


It's the fear that someday,

You’ll look back and cry.

It's the fear that you betrayed your wife.

If it wasn't for your father;


No if it wasn't for fate,


You’d never have done such

An insidious deed.

It's the fear, always the fear.

It's the Fear that compelled you.


It's the Fear that made you succumb.


Your daughter is bleeding now,

But it's the fear's fault.

The devil led you to the slaughter,

But the fear pulled the trigger.


It's the fear. It's the fear.


The fear that one day genes would fly

And shirts would rip.

It's the fear of skin on skin.

It's the fear that you got such a rush.


What do you do now?


Your mind is lost.

It's the fear your dreams of her will become wet.

It's the fear that you won't regret.


It's the fear that you will sway and fall.

It's the fear that it's not fear at all.


You, so 'pure' tainted one so true.

It's the fear that it was all you.

No hereditary to it.



No evil or 3rd person.

It's not the fear that makes your daughter cringe.

It's the fear of it happening again.

© 2009 BenightedWhispers

Author's Note

Did you know that the 'genes' part actually meant both genes and jeans? I don't know if anyone might've picked up on that. Just curiousity...I even added it in blue. Did it help?

What is the fear? The fear of passion? Greed? Lust? Destruction? Betrayal? Self? I'll leave that for you to decide?

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Wow...this was an excellently powerful write. Nice work!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 12, 2009



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