Matter of Fact

Matter of Fact

A Poem by Colette

A long one about the demise of our economy




My heart skips beats / pounds


The apex of my heart feels pain / physically / metaphorically

It needs some things to change

It might cease to beat / before things do


Haters won’t help

But will you?



I'm burning from the inside out

Frankenstein resurrected me / abandoned me 

But I'm still here walkin this earth 

Where else I'm supposed to be?


As smart as I am / I ain't got the answers

I'm just askin the questions / gonna have u askin too

Til enough people do... the white upper class is gonna rule 


We gotta ask / we gotta do / we the meek 

We wanna inherit the earth- don’t we ya'all? 

Cuz we sho ain't gonna inherit our share 

That's my brother's role / my brother / the family thief

My brother who don’t care 

Emptied daddy’s bank  / stepped over Uncle’s rank

Changed will / collectin signatures from an elderly man under hospital sheets

Nursing home unaware of his deceit

Collectin pension checks he ain’t earned / money on a house that ain’t his

Took daddy’s Cadillac too

But hey...I got one too! / Paid cash for mines

because I work! / with an ailing body / a determined mind


It's the greedy / the 1% / the white bureaucracy

Tryin to play the rest of us like puppets 

But I was born from the same daddy prick

And I got karma on my side / and my people / we 

The generational divide / the rainbow coalition 

The yellow / brown / black & tan

Furry and feathered too

We gonna take care of Mother Nature 

Gonna come after you like tsunami / Global 

Warming you

The apex of my heart feels pain / physically / metaphorically 

It needs some things to change

It might cease to beat / before things do


My brother won't help 

But will you? 



Wish I could get past all these should be adults

Quick sand / suckin down / drinkin much

supportin little / not even theyselves 

In a woulda been man / instead of a clone, canned / sittin

Just sittin / like a teenager / in a wasted land

Barkin angry tones / directed at angels / angels just restin

When u shoulda been payin more attention to ur demons / bitin

Bitin at ur feet / cripplin ur capacity to walk / upright

Like a homo sapiens / homo erectus 


Hell...nothin stands erect

Nothin functions normally

In dat up/down, in/out, high/low 

Serotonin droppin / dopamine excitin...but fewer poppin

No receptors to grab a hold of either / neither

Sho can’t grab a hold of me

Move me past them universe / shift 

If I can't save them, let me drift

Cuz they are stuck in strife 

And me / I / I’m tryin to keep movin thru this life 


They ain’t got a penny / ain’t payin they child support 

Don't wanna work / refuse to be re•spon•si•ble

Collectin from our f'd up gov / swallowin all my syll•a•bles


Our gov / where the rich get richer / the poor can’t find they way

The workin class / head spinnin / from all they seen 

Can't afford to eat / pockets are too lean

The drinkin / druggin / non-productive / fools

Tradin they EBT for what they owe on the street 

They ain’t got a penny / but they wanna eat

They wanna see / what I can do with my million dollar hands 

Top or bottom they wanna receive 

Top or bottom they don't give 

Step off my platform you lost boys

I’m tryin to live!


The apex of my heart feels pain / physically / metaphorically 

It needs some things to change

It might cease to beat / before things do


These lost boys won't help

But will u? 



Goin to church / but where's the morals?

Thieves / killers / robbin people of they dollahs

Snatchin the life of they loved ones

Mamas with nothin left to do but holla


I wanna breed compassion 

But where do I start? 

To insight this change / to rearrange 

The lost souls / they know not what they do???

Know not what to do / with they disadvantaged / or

Too privileged life


But they go to church

They preach God  & Bible / but they never read a book

Matter of fact 

Some of their mission is of misogyny

Matter of fact

they use their religion to promote their patriarchy / to abuse

To be homophobic / to hate

To start wars / to make excuses

For what they do and do not do their scapegoat / when they fight or steal / to get a new logo’d coat or kicks

whatever the media says is the top picks

It's all about things / guns / thugs / white collar mug

Red / Blue

Republican / Democrat / or

Bloods / Crips

all of ‘em on some Jesus trip, but they still takin sides / loyal to clicks


But where is their compassion?


The apex of my heart feels pain / physically / metaphorically 

It needs some things to change

It might cease to beat / before things do


God’s children won’t help

But will you?



I'm different / but u & me...we r the same 

And I need a crusader

Unity in diversity / I'm delivering it / to u 

Eat it / taste it / spit it / repeat it 

Save our earth / save our animals / save our people 

Tell those 1% to vacate they high throne 

Cuz those mortgage lenders took ½ a trillion in 0% loans / from our 

Federal Reserve 

But won’t reduce the interest rate for those working / and leave them / Foreclosed


Black men / you are not as one dimensional as the media / including BET /

have made you out to be 

You got to turn the tide / you got to deliver some powerful messages

Don't let the white man buy ur soul 

Use ur time on the mic wisely / don’t reduce yourself

to an illusion of control


Re-write our history

Will you?


Cuz I got a pain in the apex of my heart




I'm The ArtistCG 

And this Is my poetry

Evolution / in progress 

© 2012 Colette

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Added on September 15, 2012
Last Updated on September 15, 2012
Tags: economy, banks, politics, religion, gangs



Phoenix, AZ

"The not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections." from the book "Uncertainty" by David Lindley I'm in love with metaphors.. more..

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