Rooted Desires

Rooted Desires

A Story by Broken Desires

The story is about a deceased girl who transcends into the mother earth Gaia.

Every human has four endowments: self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom �" The power to choose, to respond, to change. -Steven Covey

“ The In Between”

Summer heat swept across the never ending field of emerald green grass and cream white daisies that swayed four inches tall. Combed to the right, the honey scented air pushed the grass to the tip of the cliff , strands plucking from their humble home to join the drifting petals that floated within the afternoon sky. Rays of yellow and orange focused solely on one spot.

Young and frail, her small digits ran slowly within the blades of grass that comforted her translucent complexion. Warm by appearance, the tips of the grass were cold as a winter’s nights and took small breaths like a child sleeping. Whispers of wind tugged gently against her blond luscious locks that were curled to perfection and lost beneath the rising daisies. Born to live past her prime, the child sits within her small form, restrained and trapped between the reigns of time and the conflicting lovers of life and death.Ebony hues gave way to the blazing light that attempted to give her closure, but instead forced her head to lower into the darkness. Shaded by the massive leaves that dangled just above her head, her weary lips managed to form a smile as she watched the creation of her own imagination come to life.

Gigantic like a statue made from ancient greek, an ebony being stood tall. Unlike her nude form that glistened with the rays of the sun, this unknown creature took on a more professional look, as if the figure was made after the image of her father. Pressed and perfectly fitted, the creation's upper half was covered by a white long sleeve shirt, its collar folded and pressed to its shoulders while one of the three buttons remained unclasped and hidden. Brown dress pants with silver vertical lines found themselves buttoned and belted to his waist, cuffs tucked in with a safety pin from the inside. Barefooted, the creature folded in his legs and seated himself beside the child whose body with time, began to fade.

The child looked over toward the faceless creature that by her conscious command was created. Who was it? The creature was a cauldron, a vessel of primitive wishes and impulses that are kept at bay and mediated by the subconscious mind. A well of significant, disturbing material that is forced to be hidden from her own awareness, in hopes to keep the frightening events under control. He was the bear that you’re never supposed to feed, the dragon that you should never wake, the book of the dead that should always remained closed. He was her instincts, her love, her passion, her desires, her fears, and her actions. A beast untamed, its head tilted to the side as it mimicked the young girls plucking motions. Blades by blades, grass was ripped away.

“I don’t want to die.”

Is what everyone says when their time is near. Is it out of fear or uncertainty that their hearts accelerate from the sadness of their death, the pain it will cause, and the fear of never knowing if whatever you did was worth something. Will you leave your mark , or will your presence fade away like sand. Unanswered questions can always leave a soul restless and a restless soul can never pass on, but time waits for no one.

Stuck between unanswered questions and a fading body, the girl sits alone with her mind in a field of imagination and comfort. Here, underneath the hushed sun, she wishes upon the stars that float within the petals for a new life, a new future, and a different past. In hopes to unleash the web of emotions with her unconscious mind, the child foresees a way to become something new, something different. To be aware of both her conscious mind and her unconscious, the child hopes to climb the heavenly stairs to transcendence, into a path that will guide her away from the in between and back to where her heart has stopped. With the will to move forward, the girl took both sides of her mind and sought for a change within the space that kept her confined.

“Accept me as I am, both my flaws and strengths. “ 

Silence became her new best friend as the creature placed the child within his lap. Knees pressed to her chest as her small digits rested on her knees, her hollowed hues followed the stained gray grass that forced the emerald color to shatter. The sun wept an awful cry as it faded into a darkened ash gray. Her world was dying, which only meant that time had finally caught up to her. Crystallized heart that was to be her immortality began to crack , the sound of twigs breaking echoing within her ears as her skin began to flake.

Wishing for more time was meaningless, so instead she burrowed her head into her knees as far as she could. The creature intune with the young child embraced her tightly as he placed his own head on top of hers. As the hand of the clock struck twelve, the child whispered one last goodbye before time would take her completely. 

“She breathes and Grows”

What she thought would be the end of days was her beginning. The pool of gray became a river of emerald green. Flowers of all kinds shot from the scalp of the ground and covered the young girl as she slept quietly. The sun returned to its luscious vibrant colors, the rays once more shinning down on the child stuck within the in between. Cocooned by the earth that was conjured by a source unknown to her, the creature was forced to retreat within the conscious mind of the child. The wind that carried the petals of stars floated around the child and with hushed whispers , recited to the girl what would be her defibrillator. 

“Long ago before the first human, before the first tree, her life began. She breathes and grows, blood rushes through her veins, she can feel pain, she can feed us when we are hungry. Heal us when we are sick. She has the power to give us energy , the power to make us smile.”

“She is not human”

“She is the earth , she is our mother.”


© 2017 Broken Desires

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Added on October 9, 2017
Last Updated on October 9, 2017
Tags: Tragic, Role play, anime, fiction, fantasy