You and I

You and I

A Story by Intothemilkyway

I wanted to write a chapter but it wouldn't let me cause it said that i need to write a book but i don't want to write one . Enjoy this short little chapter.

If only you would know the truth. But you don't and you never will and so i leave you hanging without you knowing the real truth.
I'd hoped for you that maybe you would ask,i really hoped so,but you didn't. 
I guess you weren't interested.
Iam sorry for you that i had to leave you but this is how it's supposed to be .
Iam more sorry for you then myself, because i indeed let you go but i still hold you in my heart .You can't leave my memory this fast ,the fighting and everything it's still so real to me .It's like it just happened.

I had to leave,i made that choice for my own good.I tried somehow to tell you the truth but you didn't listen and you didn't ask.
You were left there and you never got to ask about it.
But what is that truth.Oh dear i guess we will never know.
I said goodbye ,closed the door and left.
Iam sure you didn't like that and you were mad ,i went just like that.
Not another word was added nor by you and nor by me .
I expected you to say something, to stop me even for just a minute ,to just talk to me
I really did ,but you didn't say anything .
I was sad,really sad.
I guess you never loved me,you didn't ask for an explanation nor a reason ,never did you ask why iam leaving, why i didn't even say that much ,why i didn't add more words .

It's cause i expected you to ask me ,for you to tell me "Why" for you to say " don't go stay" but i lost hope in the moment you were sayin some stupid things that didn't even matter to what was happening, to what was really important in that moment. 

I really pity you.You seem strong but you aren't, you aren't even one bit.
Iam really sorry but you will regret it,so bad that i will always cross your mind.
It doesn't matter when or where. It will happen and you will know about it and won't stop thinking about me,about what could we have been,more then this.

Oh my dear.Regrets are one thing you must hate and you lie to yourself if you say you don't have at least one.
I know you,you bad lier.Lieing till the end won't help you,but please go your own way since iam already going my own.

Good bye for the last time.

© 2018 Intothemilkyway

Author's Note

Tell me your opinion what you think about this one part short story chapter.
If you understand even a little bit about the character tell me what you understand.
And if you like my writing and need some help with your book or whatever tell me cause id be glad to help.

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you didn't listen,,you didn`t ask says it all
touching write

Posted 5 Months Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 2, 2018
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