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A Story by Kevin Dean

The stupidity of a young man and his friends stole his only shot at an amazing woman.

Let's play a prank he said just a stupid prank nobody would get hurt, boy was he wrong. Of coarse you hear me beating myself up like this you know that there's a girl involved, there's always a girl. This girl was amazing and so talented that it would make you want to tear the pieces out of every seat in a theatre she performed in. Her name is Tayla but all her friends call her Tay-J for short I don't know what J stands for....well maybe I do but let's just pretend I don't. Who am I you ask? I'm the guy who ruined every opportunity at a friendship and any other ship with this beautiful girl. It all started when we were working together in a play. Yes a play I'm an actor okay oh and for the record musical theatre is not for homo's just saying. She was playing the leading lady and I was her love interest and also the director of the show. We got along just fine I mean she walked into the audition and if I may be frank here blew my mind like your mother's hairdryer at the speed of a V8 super car. It was one of the single most impressive auditions I've ever witnessed and the thing about that is she hardly said a damn word. Truth be told it was her eyes that landed her the part. I've never seen eyes as physically demanding as hers and I probably won't ever again. Think of an ocean blue with a dazzle of green in it that my friend is her eyes. The shear fact that she could sing, dance and act was a mere bonus. Anyway we went through the rehearsal stage for about 3 weeks and I was growing fond of her like real fond. She showed up on time and sometimes even before me consistently for the entire 2 month production process it takes great discipline and love to show up before the director. Everything was running so smoothly up until my now ex best friend Joel through a spanner in the works. He heard Tayla's voice and saw her beautiful yet somewhat dark image and decided to do a little fiction of his own. A few weeks after the play had wrapped I got a phone call from the local police department and all I could think was s**t! Why would the police be interested in me? An hour conversation later and I find out that some d****e had put a fake social media account up online and it involved Tayla fronting some kind of band or group or whatever. Either way it was complete bullshit but news travels fast online and Tayla's family were furious and yep you guessed it furious at me. You gotta admit the timing was pretty awful. I was the last person to work with her creatively for months on end and I just happened to love the genre of music this so called band page said she was apart of. Things were not looking to good for me. Joel on the other hand was the guy who told Tayla about the page and tried to pin it all on me I know right? What an a*****e. It took a few months of investigation after the page was removed but there was insufficient evidence to link anybody responsible to the matter so it got closed. Needless to say Tayla always thought it was me and probably still dose. It sucks so bad when you see a person you like but things go wrong and whole world just crumbles like a cookie. Tayla if your out there I want you to know that I would never do anything to harm you and that I'm sorry that you got hurt. I can only hope that one day my chance will re-surface.

© 2014 Kevin Dean

Author's Note

Kevin Dean
This is based on a true story.

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I want to know your thoughts. It's important to me.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 2, 2014
Tags: Dark, Dramatic, Sad


Kevin Dean
Kevin Dean

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

At only 24 years old Kevin has already got four Self-Published Novels in the world wide market. Writing since the age of six has kept him busy for more than twenty years. His signature style is a comb.. more..

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