Chapter 4: Sad Goodbyes

Chapter 4: Sad Goodbyes

A Chapter by Kyle

Fiona fights her demons as she struggles to deal with her mothers sudden death.


"Fiona? Fiona? Fiona, damn it where are you?", Johnny was looking for Fiona. After he told her what happened with their mother she ran off. He knew he had to find her soon because Fiona was known to do things to hurt herself when depressed. She told him she was going to step out for some air and when he went out to check on her she was gone. He tried calling some of her friends, none knew where she was. "I've got to find her before its too late" he thought as he grabbed his keys and walked out the door.


In the darkness she walked. Only the moonlight could guild her now as she hiked up the hill. She carried a backpack full of things she hoped would make her forget everything that just happened. She knew that what was in the backpack would make her forget her misery now but in awhile the memories would come crashing back. Still, any break would be helpful she thought. Tonight, it was just going to be her and her thoughts on top of the city overlook. No one would find her there. That was her spot, one she never told a soul about.


"Hey Tim, it's me Johnny. I need to talk to you about Fiona" Johnny said as Tim opened the door to greet him. Tim was a good friend of Fiona and Johnny hoped that he might know something about Fiona. He explained what had just happened to Fiona and Tim listened. "No Jon, I have not talked to her in a few days. She was not in class this week." Johnny told Tim that Fiona had ran off and asked if he had any idea where she could have went. "I really wish I knew Jon, if I find out anything I'll let you know. Find her Johnny, she means a lot to me." said Tim. "She means the world to me Tim, I will find her." replied Johnny.


Fiona sat on top of the hill, looking down on the buzzing life of the city below. "Look at all those people down there, I bet they are all happy! Why can't I be happy? I'll never be happy now! I'm a terrible person, hell I don't even deserve to live. Why God? Why take my mother? You should have taken me instead. I'm sure my mother actually appreciated life. She wanted forgivness, and I could not give her that." The thoughts continued to pour through Fiona's head. She reached into her bag and pulled out some Everclear. One of her friends told her it would help take away the pain. She was told it was much stronger then anything Fiona had ever touched. Tonight would be a good night to get used to it.


Johnny drove around town, looking for his little sister. He went everywhere he knew she had visited. Nothing. As he passed a park he had an idea. Maybe she went somewhere lonely, as lonely as she was. He decided to make a right, and take the road leading to the hills above the city. He saw a car parked at the top of the cliff. It was Fiona's! He parked his car, and saw a few figures off in the distance. He went towards them, and finally made out of them. It was indeed Fiona! However, she was passed out. A stranger was hovering over her. It looked like he was going to... "Back the f**k off of her now!" Johnny shouted. The man would not listen, so Johnny rushed over and gave the guy a left hook. The guy feel to the ground and Johnny got on top of him and starting blasting him with his fist. The guy managed to throw him off, and went to grab something. Johnny thought it was a knife, and he found a rock. He grabbed the rock and nailed the guy from behind. The guy feel to the grown and blood poured from his skull. He was out cold, Johnny rushed over to Fiona who was unconsious. She was breathing, and had a good pulse. He noticed the bottles of Everclear. She had blacked out. He picked her up and carried her over to his car and put her in the backseat. He knew that the guy who tried to rape her could come to any moment so he rushed her back to their apartment.


Fiona woke up and saw her brother looking sadly at her. "What happen? What the hell happened? She asked Johnny. "Look sis, last night I found you passed out and some freak was trying to rape you! God Fi, why didn't you come to me?" Fiona just stared at him. "Rape?" That was the only word she could muster. "Fiona, we are going to have to have a serious talk. I can tell you are still feeling the effects of last night. Try and sleep some sis, I love you. I'm going to always be here for you. We can talk when you feel better." Johnny got up, turned the light out and walked out of her room closing the door behind him. "I love you Jon-Jon, but I'll never be able to love myself again" She began to cry, and feel back to sleep.





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