A Poem by Lost in Wonderland

A large lesson can come from a little creature

Sometimes I like to wander outside,
And tonight I saw a very small light.
The child inside me burst to life!
I grabbed the orb, and held it tight.
Holding my breath, I peeked inside
To find a tiny, timid firefly.

I clamped my hands shut with a hoot and a howl
In utter delight of my new little pal.
With a deer's caution, and a clam's glee
I looked back inside, excited to see
A small yellow light that would shine just for me.

Then, slowly, my excitement came to end
When the bug didn't move, just clung to my hand.
I shook it around, hoping he'd fly,
But instead he stayed still, refusing to shine.
I waited a while longer, growing sad;
My friend lost all the light that he had.

With a bit of a frown, I plopped to the ground
And silently let the firefly out.
At first he moved slow, and a little shy
Before taking off like a rocked in the night sky.

Again, he turned yellow as he flew far away;
And then it hit me, clear as day-
You can't make something shine in a cage.

© 2014 Lost in Wonderland

Author's Note

Lost in Wonderland
I caught a firefly today...
God bless(:

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Great message here! It was magical to read, the lines were beautiful and the rhymes were good as well.
A little correction- I guess the word should be 'rocket' in the last line of the second last stanza.
I really enjoyed reading this poem. Thanks for sharing!

Posted 6 Months Ago

very creative. thought provoking. So true - we shine when we are free, both physically and spiritually. Enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing this.

Posted 10 Months Ago

always happens. those moments when we try to redefine freedom again and again. oh no gotta stop before it gets too big of a topic. anyway, nicely written! I'd also really want to hold that firefly if i was there with you

Posted 2 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

2 Years Ago

Thank you :) I'll be sure to check out your work!
God bless

2 Years Ago

you're welcome. yes thank you. i'll post some more since i've just reopened my account. God bless yo.. read more
I saw two things going on in this poem. One was a bit of irony. It almost seems as if the firefly had some bond with the hand. It was almost as if one was looking for a gift that was already there. But, in the big picture, you gave us all some wisdom about what happens when we try to force one to give us happiness. Beautiful metaphor.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

3 Years Ago

Thank you :)
I love fireflies played with them as a child
I love there beautiful light it's like a light show so Beautiful.

nicely penned my friend Bravo I loved it.

Very true Stanza's line here I loved this line.

Again, he turned yellow as he flew far away;

And then it hit me, clear as day-

You can't make something shine in a cage.

blessings. kindred poet

Posted 3 Years Ago

First of all, fireflies are a very cool creature. To be out in the dark and see them dancing in the distance is like the stars have come closer to us! This is a nice whimsical capture of a fun time. Then there is the lesson that we can't perform our best when we are held too tightly. A good lesson and a fun write.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Too true, and brilliantly told. I hope the rest of your work is as good as this one is. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

3 Years Ago

thanks so much for reviewing:) I'll be sure to return the favor
Very nice... Signs of the summer, tiny but beautiful, neon lights of those nights...

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

3 Years Ago

Gotta love those lights(: thank you for your review
This is so precious and heartwarming!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

3 Years Ago

Aw thank you ((:

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Lost in Wonderland
Lost in Wonderland

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