Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

A Poem by Mrudula Rani

I opened my eyes, looked at the clock it's 4:44
I told myself I should sleep some more.
I shut my eyes tight, pushed my head deep into the pillow.
I thought few more winks I willed,
But when I looked at the clock 4:49
I can sleep no more, I can't deny...
Get up, get up! My brain commanded,
The body obeyed.
I rolled on to my right side,
Disturbed by my stirrings, he said
"Lie down, it's too early "
"It's five" I said guiltily
There was no verbal protest
I looked up at the window with a protecting net,
The sky is no longer dark,getting pale,
It is turning a shade of blue.
Stars a few, like tiny holes filtering empty beyond !
Um, he greeted, moving closer
His face is in mine,
He gently stroked my cheeks, chin...
I have to use the bathroom
I got up,
He followed, I shut the door.
He stayed outside.
I opened the door with beads of water dripping from lashes,
He is still there, always brash!
His eyes met mine
I headed to kitchen
I heard him from behind
Give me five minutes, I said
Closely he followed feeling the warmth of my bare leg
I know those looks, now begging!
He sat down, his eyes followed my every move,
I turned on the microwave,
Every time our eyes met
Sounds of impatience he emitted,
I warmed up a large tablespoonfull of pate for 30seconds.
To expel excess heat few more times I stirred,
Placed it before him with a garnish of kibble.
Prince Charming got up, rubbed against my leg approvingly,
Before getting serious with his dish!

© 2017 Mrudula Rani

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I love the artful way you are leading your readers astray, as if this "he" is the same "he" who was in bed with you at the beginning. I saw Paul's review, so I already had the "cat" idea in my head, but it didn't ruin your well-crafted spoof on morning playfulness in the kitchen! Your entire poem has a mood & tone that reminds one of the way a cat can be, independent, pushy, bold, self-satisfying, etc. This makes me want another cat, but my last one ran away, so I'm not going to go thru another broken heart that way. I'll take my obedient dogs who follow & obey! *smile* Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Week Ago

Mrudula Rani

1 Week Ago

Thank you dear Margie for reading, I was sort of waiting for your review. Iam sorry your cat ran awa.. read more
You sure this was the cat, and not an euphemism for something else. It was just that begging bit. You know, that bit that since you've woke me up. We might as well make the most of it.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Mrudula Rani

3 Weeks Ago

I don't think so! It inspired another!

3 Weeks Ago

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I've been had
Mrudula Rani

3 Weeks Ago

Have a wonderful day with your love!

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Added on December 25, 2017
Last Updated on December 25, 2017
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