New York Knights

New York Knights

A Poem by Roberta Weth

another piece from the archives... I haven't looked at this in years but i found it while trying to restore my stuff. Critique is appreciated



The writhing darkness consumes the alley
              It devours the streetlamps
                 It ignores the cut of my flashlight beam
So I walk alone, gobbled by the shadows

A few flickers and a click

And the light is gone
Now I'm  all by myself in here

I trip  

              over something really slimy

And fall, face first into a pile of garbage

                    Could things really get any worse tonight?
Then I see a light, A flashlight!

A voice pummels the silence
                        Hey, are you OK? Here let me help you

He looked like a true Knight to rescue me
     Complete, with a mag-light sword of light

Like a gentleman, he took my arm and
Lifted me from the stinking mess

I turned, to thank my savior for his help
To be met with a gun between my eyes

 I laughed and said to him
Don't you just love New York?

© 2008 Roberta Weth

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What a nightmare... Great write!


Posted 10 Years Ago

I was skeptical about the descriptions of New York until I read the last four lines. I thought, "Oh, yes, that's my home�"

I thought it was a good poem. There are a few words I would have omitted, like "really" from "I trip over something really slimy." That's just me, though. Other than that, I applaud you for this well-written piece.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2008


Roberta Weth
Roberta Weth

Portland, OR

I twenty years old, and I spent the majority of those years out in the middle of nowhere listening to country music so don't be surprised if the word y'all creeps up in my poetry or stories although .. more..

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