Be careful when you speak

Be careful when you speak

A Poem by Sam

The words came flowing out
Did I really just say that?
No it was in my head... I doubt,
But, by the look on her face,
What I had said was quite real.

Not hidden in thoughts
Out-loud I had spoken my fill.
What I wanted to say I had said,
But was that really all for the best?
Making her feel like to me she was dead,

That she was nothing more then a pest.
I started to rebuff what I had already said,
But, for a second my voice hung in air.
Should I lie, covering up all my thoughts?
Should I patch what I already started to tear?

My answer was "yes", fix what I broke,
No right did I have in tearing her down.
What I thought became less important.
She was a person, not dirt on a mound.
No reason could I find to debase her
Her life was not made just for me.

On her heart I had left a big sore.
In the end what I said wasn't worth it,
So if ever agin I speak what I think
The best thing for me to do is just quit,
And hope that to far I don't sink.

© 2017 Sam

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I think that this is among your best so far Sam. The last stanza was quite awkward though and if I have any suggestion it would be, in a poem like this, to write more as if you were speaking this. You know, naturally. After the first stanza I also expected some sort of rhyme scheme which didn't materialize. But otherwise, well done!

Posted 2 Days Ago

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Added on October 5, 2017
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Hi my name is M. Sam Teague every just calls Sam. I'm a student by day and a writer by... well whenever I get time. My hobbies include anything from sitting in bed all day to rock climbing and skiing more..

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