Work In Progress--- Read Description

Work In Progress--- Read Description

A Story by Shagz

This is a small chunk of a story that is brewing in my mind. A young Israeli boy avoids being drafted into the army by running away. For months he lives on the streets.


  A young man stood in the shadows of a thin alleyway. His gloved hands grasped onto a small wooden plank he had ripped off a crate behind him. A dark blue bandana covered his mouth and nostrils. The street outside the alley was gloomy and dark for the sun was now collapsing behind the apartments. The number of cars on the street dropped slowly as the minutes passed. With businesses closing for the night, the number of potential targets decreased, but so did the odds of being caught in the act. Addar scouted the area of the sidewalk he could see without stepping out from the darkness.


  Addar noticed a middle-aged man walking towards his ambush. The man was wearing a high-class suit. His dress showed that he was a man of wealth and propserity and the manner in which he walked expressed this fact as well. His graying hair was probably not from age but rather from the stress of a hard job working in an office. Addar would never mug a teenager, a woman, or a senior citizen. Only those who stood a chance. This was his dark sense of honor that he has held with him for these past months.


  The suit began to pass the alleyway and as he did so, Addar reached out and pulled the unsuspecting victim into the alley and onto the ground. Addar took his melee weapon and struck the man across the face. The thin plank shattered upon impact and Addar stabbed the man in his thigh with the sharp edge. The man screamed out in pain but was cut short by his mugger's boot to the temple. The man fell limp and silent as Addar bent down to examine his pockets. the man had a small leather wallet in his back pocket. It felt heavy so Addar's hopes rose higher than the buildings that engulfed the scene of the mugging. Addar opened the wallet and found three hundred American dollars with a few sheqels mixed in. In a seperate pocket of the wallet he found an ID card from the United States. The man was thirty-two years old and bore the name Jacob Cline. The picture showed a rahter goodlooking man with brown hair and green eyes. He had a strong jawline and a thousand yard stare.  Addar held the ID next to the man's face and could not see the same person. The night had left a blanket of shadows across the city and the scene of the crime. Addar found a credit card from Chase with the driver's license. He had no use for the credit card so he put it and the ID back in the wallet. He continued to search the wallet and found nothing else. He put the wallet back in the man's pocket.


  Addar went to get back up but as he placed his palm on the asphalt, he felt the sticky blood puddle that had been oozing out of the wound in the man's leg. Addar wiped the blood off on his pants and took his bandana from his face and wrapped it around the man's leg above the wound. It was the least he could do for the man he just robbed. As Addar stood up to walk back down the alley, a man came around the corner and took sight of the scene. The onlooker ran back down the street as Addar turned around to run away. Scared the man was going to phone the police, the young thief sprinted down the alleyway to a fire escape....


  As the criminal approached the fire escape, he took in quick notes of the enviorment before him. Addar noticed a stack of crates that lead up to a dumpster adjacent to the fire escape. He quickly devised a plan of motion just in time as he reached the wall of the building.  Addar ran up the crates and onto the dumpster. He turned around and jump at the ladder hanging four feet above him. His gloved hands wrapped around the lowest bar with a firm grip. Addar pulled himself up onto the ladder and climbed up onto the first floor of the fire escape. He vaulted over the rail and preceded to sprint up the steps.


  Sirens sounded out across the sreet as Addar climbed up onto the roof. He turned around and looked down onto the sreet and saw a patrol car pull into the alleyway. Addar crouched down behind a stone column that petruded from the roof into the air. The cop examined the body and brought his radio to his mouth. He's calling for back-up, though Addar as he watched the scene unfold before him. Addar stayed crouched behind the column as the cop went back to his car and grabbed his flashlight. The officer came walking back into the alley, scanning the place with his flashlight. The light followed Addar's path up to the fire escape and then it scaled the wall, sliding in and out of the windows until it reached the roof. The cop guided the light across the top of the side of the building until it came to the column behind which Addar crouched in hiding.


  Another patrol car pulled up next to the other one. As the car pulled in, the cop turned around and put his flashlight away and preceded to talk to the other officers.



© 2011 Shagz

Author's Note

ignore grammar and spelling and all that stuff. just trying to get the main idea out there. I would love some comments and advice about my little story here. like where i should go next and all that. please help out and i will try to return the favor. Please review and rate so i know what this embryo of an idea is.

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Added on September 12, 2011
Last Updated on September 17, 2011
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I am a young writer. I am a sophomore from the countryside of southern Indiana. I love history, science, warfare, my baby girl and my country. I plan to be a Marine when I get older but odds are I wil.. more..