Fresh Air

Fresh Air

A Poem by WillaDanvers

Turmoil in each and every step, 
Casting shadows over glimpses of smiles,
Grumbles of inconsistency, always,
Creeping upon when free, no doubt, 

The want for change, something deserved, 
Untainted by the roundabout ways of my mind, 
Under the pressure of that smile, 
Happy and peaceful, and currently unaware, 

Body, mind and spirit, never matching, 
Confliction wrecking havoc on a fragile mind, 
Ruining the last of what was perfection, 
Ashes thrown to wind without caution, 

Water drowned for fear of survival, 
Tears burnt away for the fire of hate, 
Thriving through the coldest of nights, 
Clinging to the soul of the chosen, 

Dusk and dawn disagreeing, 
Contented smiles, wandering minds, 
Unsettled limbs, wavering decisions, 
Turmoil in each and every step,

The want for change, something deserved, 
The pleading voices of minds crumbling, 
Breathe the air fresh, let all be lost, 
Take own direction, away from fear, 

Walking new footsteps, take my hand, 
Untouched by the dark of his anger, 
Free from the chains of anxiety, 
Hope rising from the dusty wreckage, 

A new life born, fulfilling change, 
Soul singing tunes of new songs, 
Body, mind and spirit, living together, 
Breathing the air fresh, hopeful and free. 

© 2017 WillaDanvers

Author's Note

Sometimes we struggle to finish our writing because our hands dont move fast enough for our thoughts - or sometimes we just haven't seen all we need to see

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Added on October 25, 2017
Last Updated on October 25, 2017



Gisborne, East Coast, New Zealand

I go under the pen name Willa Danvers as she was a character of mine that I never got around to writing. My writing all falls under this name as it was the only way I felt comfortable releasing my wor.. more..