The Shirt

The Shirt

A Poem by Tate Morgan

They walked with me most of my life watered my soul to grow loves seed Bore my pains within their own breasts through the times of my deepest need


Tate and his cousin Paige

I wish to find in my own heart

on each cold and blustery day

Selfless meanderings of love

for those who helped me on my way


I hope that my anxieties

which come to haunt me day and night

Wont drown me with needs for new friends

leaving old ones to suffer blight


They walked with me most of my life

watered my soul to grow loves seed

Bore my pains within their own breasts

through the times of my deepest need


Count yourself a fortunate prince

to be able to name just one

For whom your welfare is indeed

a concern that is never done

They are to me like my old shirt

that I wear with great dignity

reminding me of my own worth

and hope for all humanity


© 2015 Tate Morgan

Author's Note

Tate Morgan
I consider myself fortunate to have had a few good friends. I can count on one hand their number. This poem is meant for one in particular. Without whom I would not have made it to write this. Thank you Robyn! She gave me a certain Banana Republic shirt that I treasure. So count yourself a fortunate princess Robyn. Be assured I am one for whom your welfare will never be done. Being so scarce great friends are considered precious. The miracle many wish for is not in a life we missed. It lies within the life we have. And so friends give us the feeling that we are loved as much or more than we love others. Those few memories unlike most are the only ones we recall in color not black and white. This because they are associated with the colorful shirt that painted the brush strokes of our lives together and times apart.

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Oh, I love this. I am also someone who cherishes my friends. Grateful in so many ways, knowing how special and rare they really are. Every time that they are there for me and I for them, every time we laugh or cry and talk for hours. Friends are priceless treasures. Wonderfully written poem, Tate. And I love the title. It suits this piece incredibly well.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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This is another amazing poem tate thank you for sharing your poems keep up the great work and keep them coming

Posted 3 Years Ago

Old comfortable shirts, like old friends, great analogy or simile, I can never get those straight, either way, you know what I mean....great read Tate!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tate Morgan

4 Years Ago

thanks dear
Yes, we wear our real friends with dignity. But I have found that I also receive a lot from casual conversations with strangers. It is as if the Great Universal Voice speaks through all. I enjoyed your well constructed poem.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tate Morgan

4 Years Ago

thank you very much.
219335_One-Stop Publishing: free print & ebook publishing
Wonderful sentiment in this. I do truly love and cherish my old and dear friends. My love for them very deep. Occasionally one may purposely step on my toes and force me to "wallflower" status for awhile. After some good grumbling and a few tears, toes heal and the argument fades in the face of all that has passed between us over time.

Lovely write, Tate and I enjoyed the Authors note as well. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tate Morgan

4 Years Ago

Thanks dear I poured a new sidewalk and spent the day playing with Becky going everywhere.So differe.. read more
the really true friends won't leave you to have to find new ones...they will stick with you no matter what.

really good write tempered with true emotion and "truth"--

sometimes i know i feel i overwhelm my friends when i go through crises..and my hope is not to lose them...but thank God, most withstand..and stand firm.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tate Morgan

4 Years Ago

Thank you Jacob
An endearing write!... I like to think that we can have something just as enduring, worn with dignity and pride... Well penned, from the heart.~xo~

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tate Morgan

4 Years Ago

You and Pricilla are the jewels in my crown of thorns here. Thank you.

4 Years Ago

awww Thank you for being you, Tater Tot.~xo~:)
what a chuckle of mischief!
how beautiful is someone's belief
the more we consume life
the more a smile, purer than purity is needed
you have put the emotion to justice
very beautifully weaved

Posted 4 Years Ago

Great message. Great resonance. Great flow. Amzing poem.
Tate, well done!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Only a friend has the right to say : "I will be there for you" because HE is there for me...!
I loved the way you wove your words between "shirt" and "friend"!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Beautifully said!! :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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