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A Poem by Bennyb15

This poem is about the horrors that happened in the Holocaust. I wrote this poem to honor one of my teachers in middle school. Enjoy!




I feel so weak, so my mother gathered the scraps she had to subdue my hunger.  She told me I needed the strength more than her because I was younger.  We all stand here wrongfully tattooed with a number.  I can’t sleep because the visions of my tortured life invade my slumber.  All of us, gathered together with different ages and social classes, but we all had to watch as the remains of our loved ones rained on us with burnt ashes.  All of our prized possessions were stolen. We were given mandatory golden stars for our clothing, never knowing what would happen next as we watched how this war was unfolding.  Camps were labeled as concentration, families became victims to separation.  While we went through our trials and tribulations there objective was only our extermination and we had no power to combat this situation.  The Nazis would tease and mock me.  I reached out for my family but they blocked me.  We were given little food with no flavor, used as free labor, and teased about not having a savior.  I watched them take my peoples dead bodies to the furnace and burn us.  Understanding that they hated us in everyway, they were the predators and we were the pray.   We never knew when it would be our last day.  There was nothing beautiful anymore.  No sunshine or flowers.  We were slowly taken to rooms with steel showers.  We were brought in by the masses. The door closed, and the shower spewed out poisonous gases.  There were chokes and scream, but there was no where to hide.  I tried to cry but no tears would fall.  This war won’t end until they eradicate us all.

© 2010 Bennyb15

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Wow…very moving. I had many family members who died in the Holocaust. My husband's relatives also died during that horrific time. this resonates with me tremendously.

- Brittney

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on January 3, 2010
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