My Story part one.

My Story part one.

A Story by KittyKatgirl

True story. I split it into two so you don't have to read as much.


My mum was almost 18 when she fell pregnant. My mum was  going to join the army but when she realised she was pregnant her plans changed.  She was a high school dropout, leaving school when she was 15. She was a single mother who occasionally dated some man but none of the relationships lasted long. I was finally born on 16th February 1998.

I was 3 years old when I was taken into foster care. My mother had physically abused me and I was put in a foster family that had 4 other kids. 3 of them were the same age as me who were all put in foster care and the other was the foster parents daughter. I became close friends with the kids that were the same age as me. Their names were Talitha, Tabitha (who were both twins) and Raymond.

My foster mother’s name was Merle and her husband was Loyde who was a taxi driver. I had an occasional visit with my mum. When asked why was her daughter taken into foster care she lies telling them that apparently she had sex in front of her which later turned to someone else hit her and she got the blame for it which was both lies.

Whenever my mum and I got together my mum would hit me in rage if I did something wrong or just for no reason at all and would yell at me. Whenever my mum was questioned about the bruises showing up on my body she tells them it was Merle that did it.

When I was 5 I went back to my mum only to be abused again but this time not so often. I started school and went to the same school as Tabitha, Talitha and Raymond.

When I was 8 my mum had met a guy online on yahoo. We moved to Melbourne and lived with him for a while. But the relationship ended and my  mum found another guy named Clint who was my stepfather still to this day. Due to not understanding about break up and all that I called him dad. My stepfather started to treat me like his own but when they had a boy he started ignoring me making me feel like he hated me because I wasn’t his biological daughter.  One day at school I was playing tag on the playground and tripped hitting my mouth on a pole and broke half of my front tooth. Kids would make fun of me calling me names but I  got it fixed.


I was 9 almost 10 when my brother was born. I met my best friend in the whole word Isabelle at school one time when I was sitting all by myself leaning against a wall hating the world.

Isabelle introduced me to Pokémon and I was hooked. Isabelle was a year younger than me so we weren’t in the same grade but we spent every lunch time together.

I found my first crush a boy named Reuben who was really nice to me and was the only one in my class who wanted to be my partner.  My mum constantly abused me due to the stress of having a newborn baby and treated her daughter like a slave always asking me to do something for her and constantly called me a lazy c**t if I ever showed any sign of complaint. I broke my tooth again when eating a carrot. Again people started calling me names until I visited the dentist and got it fixed again.

Near the end of the year I was told we were moving back to Rockhampton which is where I was born. My class threw a party for me and got everyone to sign a card. It bought tears to my eyes.

was kept back so I was forced to repeat grade 5. This is when my life turned around. MY mum still abused me and my stepdad didn’t do anything about it. And my mum constantly told her friends how she wish she could change her life around and never fell pregnant making it clear that I ruined my mother’s life.

© 2015 KittyKatgirl

Author's Note

There are unfortunately so many people who are suffering from depression and thinking about suicide. I originally made this in 3rd person because I didn't want people to know it was me. Because I want to help people who are going through depression whether it's to listen or just to help in some way. That includes writers and I was worried if people knew I am depressed as well they wouldn't come to me for help. But thanks to some advice I was told it could encourage more people to come since I am going through the same thing as they are.

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all i can say is wow i would really like to get to no u i think that just maybe we could be great friends because i don't exactly have the prettiest life story either and thx for sharing this i hope that u find happiness somewhere in ur life

Posted 2 Years Ago

This must have been extremely difficult to write. Thank you for sharing. I thought you might be Canadian at first (until you mentioned Melbourne), because this story could have happened where I live.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Wow....You really have overcome so much. Just a really heart breaking time you had. I would have been your friend too if I was around you at that time =) If you ever need to talk I am almost always here =)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

Thank you and same goes to you :)
Hu Crystal, well written and very good that you speak out. You can overcome your past. Take care.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This story has a great grab to it. Some people's lives would be kind of boring to write about but yours has many interesting factors as well as many real life issues. I hope that if someone reads this who is going through similar things they will find some comfort. Can't wait to read the second half. Great work :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

First off, I'm so sorry you had to live through this. No child deserves to be treated with such cruelty. Secondly, I admire your strength to keep hanging on. I was lucky enough to live in a home with an amazing and loving family, but I know if I was in your situation, I would have trouble the point of continuing on the way things were. You're such a brave girl, and I'm glad to see your taking this experience and turning into a source of help for others dealing with the same problem.

The writing could use a good editing, but I'll let it slide. This was a very personal topic, and I can only imagine how long it must have taken you to write it. I'm sure it wasn't easy. Song of once, I'll put the grammar aside. The story itself is what matters, not how it was written.

All in all, I liked it a lot. I have trouble telling someone about my own issues and problems, so I admire your courage to write a story about yours. You're a special and incredible person. Don't forget that. :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

It is very brave of you to share this with everyone here.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you :)
I recently broke my front tooth. there are some other similarities to your story that I can relate to.
anyways. I don't think your aim was to make this story entertaining but cathartic and a therapeutic telling of your experience so I suppose thats why its not very descriptive. maybe I'll write something to tell my background sometime. but at the moment I'm trying to write stories and post like alot of poems.
thank you for sharing your story. I can only say from experience its hard not to continue the mistakes
which family creates and further the problems with anger, fighting and blame. most people don't manage to do well because even if your intelligent and emotionally stable enough to try to talk to your family about how you feel. They excuse or justify treating you how they do and will turn the tables on you. this is why people spend hours on a therapists couch. and why people try to get out of their parents house as soon as possible. My advice to anyone who isn't happy at home is "save money and move out as soon as possible" Thanks I'm doctor Phil.
but yeah don't fight, and don't tell your problems in real life. just be cool, get a job, and reach for that point where you can make your own life.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I hope things continued to turn around for the better, because you deserve them to. Thanks for sharing your story, and for wanting to help others, because that is too rare in this world.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you :)

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