Answer Me This

Answer Me This

A Poem by CircusNerd

What was once clear and bright, is now fading

Like a story

Like a dream

And now I've to face the truth

In both cases as it would seem


I have long forgotten nights of bliss, of harmless, peaceful laughter

Must I welcome hiding from myself forevermore?


What's left to live for when you've nothing to call your own?

What's left to cherish when you have nothing to display?

Why wander when you've no one by your side?

Why speak when none care for what you say?


If only 'I' can bring 'me' joy, for whom am I still acting?


Answer me this


© 2011 CircusNerd

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hurm...yeah, it's painful...but i feel like i have no rights to really complain why people doesn't seem to take note about me and mostly ignoring I decide that maybe everyone's fate run different and as for mine is and always will be alone in loneliness and ignored forever...that's all...

Posted 7 Years Ago

I think being "alone" or feeling lonely, is one of humanity's greatest fears, its certainly my greatest fear.
you've written this poem beautifully, of course, like always. A truly unpleasant, but only temporary feeling, you'll find an audience sure of it.
Keep writin :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

When you cannot please even yourself then there is only one thing to do
you have pulled this poem off perfectly
I've had this feeling before and you hit the hammer on the head so to speak
amazing job on this poem, as usual
and remeber that no matter how often wer feel like we are alone, there are always others that we are acting for in this play
we act for the world not ourselves
take joy in other's preformances if you cannot find joy in your own
that is all we can do

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on January 8, 2011
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