A Poem by emipoemi

If I could any animal

Become postmortem, I

Would like to be a fish, and drift

About low tides and high.


They’ll lure you with their baited hooks,

They’ll trap you in their trawls.

They’ll sear you in their pots and pans,

And stick your scales on shawls.


If I could any animal

Become postmortem, I

Would like to be a bird, and fly

Across the boundless sky.


They’ll fell and devastate your home,

They’ll taint and blight your air.

They’ll strip you of your feathering

To stuff the winter wear.


If I could any animal

Become postmortem, I

Would like to be a deer, and run

Through thicket, glade, and rye.


They’ll blind you with their beaming lights,

They’ll limit where you roam.

They’ll hunt you on Thanksgiving Day,

And hang your head at home.


If I could any animal

Become postmortem, I

Would like to be a cat, and dwell

With comfort ever by.


They’ll scorn you for your idleness,

They’ll seldom heed your mews.

They’ll amputate your private parts,

And scar you ’til you bruise.


Then there’s not any animal

Without a threat in life-

Not even humans are exempt

From hazards, harm, and strife.


Thus if I any animal

Become postmortem, I

Would merely want to be with you,

For, then, I’ll never die.


© 2017 emipoemi

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Both an interesting and unique topic explored here. I really liked the use of repetition as I feel like it made the poem overall more powerful as it reinforced the message you were trying to get across. I also love the use of contrasts between human and animal and how there is a deeper meaning running below this poem, very clever!

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!
I actually thought this poem was rather deep. You hear people everyday talking what animal they would be/become if they could and realistically it's not all sunshine and rainbows existing in the same time as humans. The ending was rather sweet as well. Living forever in someone's heart/love couldn't be more romantic!

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Indeed, love cannot, and such a sentiment is what I was going for in this poem! Thanks for reading, .. read more
I really enjoyed the repetition within these verses. Keeping the first two lines the same in every other stanza really helped give this poem a sturdy backbone. I may be wrong, but I gathered from this that there is too much pain and suffering on Earth to ever choose the path of reincarnation. If that is what you meant, I fully respect that. Personally, I am looking forward for the day when i can have a fresh start and maybe live the life I was intended to live. I also appreciate that you pointed out all the ways that humans can be destructive but reeled it in by aknowledging that they also "must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." Overall, I loved this poem.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

What I think readers should do when they read my work is once they come to the final couple of lines.. read more
There are touches of this and its repeated theme that go back to childhood poems. I love the "discomfort" of the word flow in the first 2 lines of each new animal. I also like your summary painting of the good aspects of being each animal, and then the downsides brought about by human activity.

It's a sad tale but true, and I love the way it brings you to someone close. For then I'll never die - lovely. However, I might not show this to that loved one as they may think that you only chose them after considering everything else!

Nice job

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

That's not particularly the message of the last line, if you understand that this poem to be a dialo.. read more
Nigel Newman

3 Months Ago

OK I didn't get that. I can now see that it could be read as 4 pairs of 'statement and response' ve.. read more

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