A Poem by manchilld99

poets, say what you mean; mean to say something



Who me?  Oh, I’m just sayin’ …

Some hip and hop and call themselves playin'

Others spout messages and play at prayin’

Oh, me?  No .. I’m jus’ sayin’


Ain’t never nothing’ less cool

than sittin’, listenin’ to some damn fool

who ain’t got not one mental tool

He’s just messin’ up the poets’ gene pool.


Spittin’ lines like some mad  poet

wthout havin’ half the sense to know it

He’s got no rhythm, no kinda flow; it

would be better for him not to show it.


But ain’t  no real cause for dismaying’

It’s just me thinkin’, I mean, I’m just sayin’

But if it was a job and they was payin’

He’d no doubt be leavin’ instead of stayin’.


Now I’m just sayin’ sometimes

better hold up on these rhymes

like saving up your nickels and dimes

building up for richer times.


So like Jack Horner and his thumb

I’m searchin’ rhythms and rhymes til I’m numb

I got my mind looking for that plumb …

One solid sweet verse that’s sure to come.


When come the times when I ain’t been seen

And maybe you wonder where the hell I been

I been letting my mind run and wash clean

And now I’m back with this well-oiled machine.


So what do you think? You can just weigh in.

‘bout these caustic rhymes displayin’

no disrespect to the games they’re playin’

It’s just me; I’m just sayin’…

© 2011 manchilld99

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Go on with your bad self Ed. :-}

Posted 8 Years Ago

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This reminds me of something i wrote called Me And Jesse Jackson At The Poetry Slam. White girls don't belong there and neither does he. :-)

Posted 8 Years Ago

i guess you spoke your mind for sure
i wonder whose speakin' comes out pure
somes do curse and somes do prayin'
but this be me, and i'm just sayin

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 12, 2011
Last Updated on January 12, 2011
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rochester, NY

I write poems and stories, and have broadcast a blues show on the radio since 1982. I am from Harlem, currently live in Rochester, NY, but have been around. more..

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