A Call To The Heart Calls Out More

A Call To The Heart Calls Out More

A Poem by Robert Robbie Dudley

There-in between two 
A World unkempt,  concepts new 
But I do feel like one
For less what matters
For more is what 
Really happened here
The good and the terrible mark
Will you starve in a dark time 
In the morning like a breeze
There is such a thing,  ain't that so
I think I have to go
An inspiration and myself

Ohh,  of both,  at best
Is to one's own fustration worse
All's getting harder,  most closer 
Gone astray go away seeks farther
All's looking only forwards
Making another chance
And you're flying back towards me 
Going around and around clearer pictures
Understanding,  spinning
Seems like years ago 
That wasn't all over 

Aslike the last time 
And then the next few days 
Has bygones,  became
One cool thing 
Sharpness bursting through the mist
As a way of life
The most sat dangling
You're parked
We're planting ourselves
Or standing in the gentle rain
I never saw'd,  what's from many
The sky shakes its breathing
Always free,  amongst us
For beautiful sounds is a question mark now

Although,  yeah,  I can see
In the shimmering stars 
A lot of all things bright
Of exclamation points,  I felt its pain
Then,  by those dark notes 
From far away
Not so sure where-abouts
A call to the heart calls out more are
Still waters and stars in the sky blue

Atop there in a tree 
Following,  searching 
On the lost vision
Around on the edges 
Spent in amazement
Melting it down was as today 
Candles blowing them out 
One by one now a storm
Inside the common core
I'm outta here without buildings 
Around,  where-abouts
So think heavy-lighter-dark-brighter
On the subversive 
A painted past
Dreams,  poems has
Started swelling of problems
Like frozen streams
Wherefore,  therefore  
Let's just go,  feeling toward 
Yes,  yes;   We didn't even have 
The wind behind us 
Looks,  then knocks on wood twice
Ohh,  what arises out
And lifts up above 
Atop there in a tree 
Following,  searching

And later,  can be said of it
If the doorbell is chiming 
Turns evermore so red and yellow
But at least passing
Into the green grass walks 
The glint of white snow
T'was instantly calm as one
Greater,  lesser to this very step 

Although,  yeah,  I can see 
The sound of rain is around me 
Meanings behind your eyes true 
Without shadows of the ends 
The sounds of your days
A call to the heart calls out more are
Still waters and stars in the sky blue

When-so lit' something comprehends 
To catch,  you dropt
Like pens kept mine gone
I found amongst others
Underneath this trail 
Of course it bends back
A call to the heart calls out more are
Still waters and stars in the sky blue

© 2018 Robert Robbie Dudley

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I think your poems are very playful and creative. Reader can feel free and feel any meaning what she or he want. I think your poems are expression of personal freedom. I can see you got lot of views but not any reviews . I think it's cause your poems are too long maybe if you make them shorter someone will give you review. I did also at past few long poems. I think shorter poems can give you more freedom in your writing cause you don't have to think if us long enough or not. Take care and have nice monday.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on September 18, 2017
Last Updated on September 26, 2018


Robert Robbie Dudley
Robert Robbie Dudley

Riverside, NJ

THE NIGHT'S SHINING ROAD COVERS ME, i'LL READ. oh, poetry a random ray of light shining golden drops trickles in two and two dripping from the ceilings O i swept across the corners i like it to.. more..