Raggedy Tragedy~

Raggedy Tragedy~

A Poem by NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole

Life built this suit around me
zipped it up to the throat
sins stitched at the sleeves
love patched up at the hips

a rusty brooch of wrong turns pinned to my collar

You didn't expect this, did you?

Over dinner
a little boy crawled out of my wrist
and scaled your stroking fingertips
awed at the diamonds in your cuff links;
how you could go on touching me
after that
I couldn't figure
for the life of me

Over wine
dark music burst from my ripened lips
flowed in thick, cherry rivulets down the side of crystal glass
my chin;
how you could lean in
and kiss me, anyway
I’ll never know

Over desert
ghosts escaped my eyes
and my gown became rags
my glass slippers turned to dust
and my strings cut a tesseract path across my journeys;
how you could still touch the little ragged human
in my tragedy
was such a surprise

Life built this suit around me
tied it with a crimson sash around my heart
joys sewn into my clavicles
smiles prints in henna with leopard spots in a garland around my waist
a pearl ring of right turns adorning my cartilage

I didn't expect you, did I?

copyright:2012SeleneSkye excerpt from the BOOK in progress PLUGGED INTO THE ALLOY FOREST with a tentative release date of late Nov. 2012


© 2014 NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole

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with a magic flute you draw me, down the path of realizations, some stark and alarming yet, open on a secret glade, of all hearts hidden wishes, growing on display, and drift with meadows gossamer, so blissfully away...sigh

the gift of your poetry is so poignant and deliciously subtle while at the same time marching boldly right straight through ones mental "writing barriers." I never cease to be breathless at how artfully you can untether my parameters!

It is lovely to read you here again my dear

Posted 4 Years Ago

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NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole

4 Years Ago

thank you ever so kindly~ :)~


I felt this woman's boundaries being violated. Compared almost to the likes of a doll...yet she is very much alive, and suffering. Her suitor, cold in his affection. Indifferent to her darkness. She has been......


Posted 5 Years Ago

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Look who is back... you do have an unique style and way of expressing yourself, your words can be taken so many ways... to me this poem mostly seems like how having a baby too soon can cause friction between a couple.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Nothing but the finest work from you. You've always been consistently imaginative in your images and concepts. Excellent work.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole

5 Years Ago

thank you~ kindly

5 Years Ago

You're welcome.

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NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole
NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole

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