Hurricane What's Her Name

Hurricane What's Her Name

A Poem by workscot

Written a day after Gustav kicked my spreads a..,rear.Maybe more pertenant today as it was for me then!


once again

the draddles and dervishes spin

as paradise expels

its' demond spawn on the unsuspecting

as tropical air excites

and the unknowing ocean perspires

soon jolly mons* nemesis

will make the heavens explode

like a tight spring

on the lid of Pandora's box

-now it rolls like a bowling ball

flattening Bahamian pins back to sand

then chewing kays like popcorn kernals

as a huge juggernaut,unimpeeded

flexing its 'mighty muscles

consealing, by driving rain and mist

now a lumbering Everest

sucking the sky down slopes to core

as the vortex aims at the Gulf

-even Atlas must adjust his grip

pressing onward as if lured

by name fame for vic or vixen

the crosshairs point to checkerboard shores

of sugar sands and nursery marshes

in deepening darkness

the winds trumphet the impending wrath

-ahead,the entrenched throngs

emit a woefull wall of prayers

knowing that their fortunes

will go from bullion to bilge water

in a matter of precious minutes

-after the apocalypse passes

the now tested gladiators

will mostly live to see the aftermath

-as the masses mass

at the gravesite of drowned memories

doomed to de-volve

into Cro-Magnon routine and cuisine

as sweat pores from every sore muscle

torched by raw heat and sewerage

normalicy will await illusively

for the utility heros and cable goons

that will power the way back to square one

-but mother admonishes us to be warry

for mans love of the sea

can have a higher price to pay

than rebuilding his dreams and castles of plenty

not letting memory cloud over again

-as eyes will gaze east

and the reset button is pushed

another name in the book

but an eternal ledger of entries yet to be written

© 2017 workscot

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You took me into the storm, I could feel the damaged earth around me and see the wrath of nature. I felt sadness, anger, hope and frankly justice. I feel like we treat the planet like shite most of the times, an eye for an eye I guess. So much loss though, the heart hurts and your poem makes me feel the gravity of such tragedy.

Posted 9 Months Ago

What a glorious and touching review.Death and wide spread destruction don't usually end up as a poetic topic.And I wouldn't have thought anyone would find much good to say about this verse.I found it written on a folder box I found last week and hadn't thought about in maybe 8-10yrs.So glad you found the lengthy piece palatable and enjoyed the read.You get a 5 chipmunk rating on your review.Thanks again

Posted 9 Months Ago

Wow! A Category 5 hurricane of a poem! Incredible account of Irma's bad behavior in amazing nautical imagery, sights, sounds, chaos and destruction. Form and flow and cadence like the raging waves and wind gusts... The sea always exacts her price. Mother Nature always wins. So does this poem. Kudos!

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on September 25, 2017
Last Updated on September 25, 2017



Baton Rouge, LA

Been receiving verse in spurts for 15yrs.It comes and goes,but when it comes it really flows.Each couplet begets the next and starts with a single thought that blossoms into a finished piece in usuall.. more..

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