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About Me

About us: This is about the third one I am under...My name is Sheri and I am writing a series with my friends Bethany and Justine...each of us having our own separate sites as well. However, instead of placing this book into all three accounts, we decided we should put it under a new one. Our alternate screen names will be listed below if you are interested in anything else we may write. Hope you enjoy our writings and have fun!


-She is the one who came up with the idea of Elemental Powers. A new write maybe but she does come up with pretty good ideas of her own.

Justine Snyder
-She is a fellow writer who helped out with the writing of this book. She also has a separate book of her own which is a prologue to this one. In actuality it shouldn't be read until after the first...The two of us share a separate series of our own which is under another username which is jadeNtygra (if you are interested.)

-Me! This is my original site. I did help out with the book as well as editing. My hands are kind of full because I am trying to help out with this series along with the other one and the books I work on my own. So, if I am not able to get the chapters up in a decent time, please try to understand. I also have a fluctuating schedule at work so that doesn't always help.

Well, that is us! I hope you take the time to check us all out and become friends with us! I will, as well as the others (I hope) be keeping an eye on the site and also try to give some reviews to our fellow writers! Hope you enjoy our stories and have fun with them; I know we did!


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Posted 15 Years Ago

Alot actully has been going on,
me moving a couple of months ago was part of it;
and now i've moved back and terribly behind.
not sure how long it will take me tu catch up but other than that;
i'm good. havent been on in a while so i have tu catch up with my writing.

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Posted 15 Years Ago

hows it going?