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Milton Keynes, SC, Ukraine
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About Me

I love writing, I don't take it o seriously though I enjoy it and would love to publish afew stories. I don't take a long time editing and writing for ages, I just randomly get an idea and a whole story or poem pops into my head and I have to rush to type it down fast before I forget it. I am inspired easily, I'm determined, stuborn and a bit of a dreamer.
A metaphor I have about the way my mind works goes like so;
If someone was to see a shoe on the pathway, perhaps they'd just see a shoe. But afew people if they were to see a show on the pathway they'd realise it's a trainer, from an expensive barnd, probably belonging to someone who apreciates and enjoys sports. The shoe is most likely belonging to a young girl due to the fact it's a small shoe with pink edging. Since the girl is young she probably gets pocket money and since she likes sport she probably saved up her pocket money to get the shoe and it's partner. She probably wore them as soon as she got them to go out running with her freinds and they weren't done up to well, so when they were racing back home she lost her shoe. She didn't want to stop or go back and get it or she would loose the race. The girl is competative maybe and can't stand the teasing she might get from her friends when she looses. Yet now she looks back to the day she lost that brilliant shoe and wishes with all her heart she'd stopped to get it back, because she loved that shoe and spet all her money on getting the most expensive one because it was pink and pink is her favourite color. She now may wonder in the shoe shops sulking about how any amount of teasing is worth that shoe.