Excuse the lack of finished Stories xD

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About Me

Hey! Welcome to my page. I am mostly a Fantasy/Adventure/Action writer, but have attempted to write dramas too. i LOVE to read almost any kind of story that gets me curious, interested, or excited, etc. Writing is a hobby for me, and i am currently writing 3 stories separately but i dont really post regularly.

Story 1 (Co-writing with a friend): Shiva
Story 2: VRMMORPG story (Virtual Reality MMO)
Story 3: Mass Effect Fanfic!

I am a HUGE Mass Effect fan if anyone else out there is id be happy to talk/write with you about it!

aside from running i am a pretty addicted gamer and am an athlete. I Play games like league of legends, mass effect, C9, etc. and i run on the Track team as a 400 meter sprinter.

Anyway, ill try and post whenever i can/feel like it, if you want to talk, collab, share ideas, criticize (in a non-negative way please.), etc, feel free to message me!


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Hi, thank you for your friendship.

I hope you enjoy some of many controversial pieces of poetry here on Writerscafe, your feedback is much appreciated :)

"The Elusive Mr Dunne aka @CensoredRapPoet"