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About Me

I am a storyteller who comes from a long line of storytellers. I literally trace my heritage back to some Bards (poets and storytellers) of England. My family, in the tradition of our heritage, would sit around the dinner table telling stories about our day or about the family itself. Some would say storytelling is in my very blood, and I wouldn’t disagree with them.

I love stories, always have, my father instead of reading books to me before bed he would thrill me to sleep with tales of him playing D&D. If he ran out of stories about traveling through dungeons, defeating werewolves, and dragons, he would tell about the many books he would read for me. He had to read books for me because we quickly found out I have a learning disability along with dyslexia, which made reading almost impossible at a young age. I would get my fix for stories from movies, cartoons, but most of all, comic books. I could follow the story of a comic book by simply studying the pictures.

So, when I was young, I wanted to be a comic book artist. I wanted to tell stories, but with what my teachers told me I couldn’t be a writer because of learning disability. I, however, could draw the panels of the comic book and fell head over hills with art. I spend most of my life wanting to be an artist, but something still pulled hard at my heart. I wanted to be a writer. I needed to be a writer, and after high school, I taught myself how to read and write. I no longer wanted to feel I had no choice in the matter of how I tell stories. I knew, with a great amount of work, I could become a writer, and that is where you are right now.

It might be the reason you are reading this because you have come across my writing. I want to bring you into my worlds, where you will fall in love with the setting but most of all the characters. You will fall in love with the people who walk among my pages. Or you will find yourself unable to leave the worlds the portal of my words has brought you into. You’ll find yourself in a Medieval world with Wizards and Knights fighting a great evil in the land, but the catch to it all is these people are squirrels living in a Realm like no other. But if talking and magic willing squirrels is not your deal, then come along with me over to an apartment complex called Valhalla where everyone who lives there is a warrior from throughout the ages. We can meet the Valkyries who guarded these warriors against the demon in the woods, who wishes to devour their souls. And if by some means you don’t want to stay with the Valkyries then we can walk over to a few tales of adventure with heroes like Zorro or others for you to travel with for a bit.

I have a lot of worlds for you to enter, all you have to do is come along with me. I want you to fall in love with these places as I have inside my head. I want you to meet the people in these worlds longing to never leave them. But most of all, I want to inspire you to follow whatever passion has been placed on your heart. I want to show you someone who the world told couldn’t follow his dreams because they believe I was too dumb to do so. And yet, with a lot of hard work, I have taught myself to write, and I have bled for my craft. Now, I want to share these stories with you, and one day, I’ll have a novel for you to go buy at the bookstore, but until then, we’ll get to read these short tales together.

So, my friend, pour yourself a cup of tea or open a bottle of beer, whichever tickles your fancy, and comes along with me for a bit. I have some great stories to tell you, and I want to show you my journey of growth in this craft, so you can see no matter what you can do it too.

Chase L. Currie

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