All cowardice comes from not loving or not loving well, which is the same thing.

Boston, MA
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About Me

I like to write about people and what people say to each other when put in a room with one another, and pay close attention to how they say what they say and how they look when they say what they say and what they arent saying but is lying beneath the surface of their conversation.

This website seems strange to me. In theory, it's fantastic, assuming everyone plays by the rules. But the fact is, the majority of those who participate only wish to be heard, and don't care to listen. That is to say, most people want others to read their work and tell them how wonderful it is, and yet they don't really want to read anyone else's work. Sure, if you comment on their stories they will go to your profile, find the shortest prose or, better yet, a poem and skim it for highlights and give you a positive comment just to be sure you believe they read it. They trick themselves into believing that they are the only ones who do this, and anyone commenting on their piece has truly read it. That being said, I'm not a whole lot better. The thing is, I do want to hear honest feedback for my work as I take it very seriously. But it's hard to find other's who are similar. There are a lot of teenage girls on here who are poets, and a lot of teenage boys who want to appeal to poetic teenage girls (and some "older boys" who want to appeal to teenage girls too, but I wont even get into that internet danger.) I try to be polite to this type of writer if they comment on my work, but don't look for much. On the other hand, there are a few writers I've found on this site, a handful maybe, that have truly made me better, which is one of the finest things I can say about the Writer's Cafe, and that I would be less without their work.

Here's something fun that can actually be kind of valuable in understanding what inspires people, a couple "Top Fives" of mine.

Top 5 Books:
~Nine Stories
~A Farewell to Arms
~Julius Caesar (I know it's a play...)
~The Giving Tree
~East of Eden

Top 5 Movies
~Midnight in Paris
~Tree of Life
~The Godfather (I'll cheat and pick 1&2)
~Big Fish
~East of Eden (...again, starring James Dean)