Racy Daniel

Racy Daniel


Silence is a kind of art what makes me to cry and smile!

Dhaka, Christian, Bangladesh
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About Me

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Socrates said "WHO AM I" Every human being must know and discover that. I don't know how much able I will be to write about me. It's really tough task for me. Once I have written after a few days I see something left. So, with this and after all I have tried to explore myself.
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I am a Holy Cross Brother in the congregation of Holy Cross popularly known as CSC Brothers. I received my first vows in 22nd, 2011. I am a happy man. I'm not either a poet or even a writer. But still I write poems and article for my self satisfaction.


There are some moments in my life when I can't share my feelings whom I live with or all that matter can't be shared with them. So, in that case I write my feelings as poems, stories.

These are all about me:
My Name: Racy Daniel Godino
Favorite Color: Sky blue & olive green
Favorite number: 19
Favorite month: March
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite hobby: editing photo in Photoshop, gardening, reading books, writing poems, stories, researching about a certain topic
Favorite person: Mother
Personal patron: St. Joseph
Person I made research: Bill Gates, Einstein, Mother Teresa, St. Joseph.
My thoughts:
• Talk less and work more.
• Less talkers are precious and their virtues are endless.
• I like Einstein because he used his IQ power 30% more than any ordinary human.

My Favorite quotation: “Do to no one what you yourself dislike”.
Thing I do most: Spend time to anything learn by logic because when one thing is done logically you won’t forget that. And of course I discovered many things by my own logic.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story :)

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Posted 12 Years Ago

You are always welcome.

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Posted 12 Years Ago

Thanks a million for your review!