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Two steps from insanity is genius . . .

SoPas, CA
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About Me

El Suplexo began his life in a roadside cafe located in Southern Italy. His mother was either a young flower maiden with delusions of omnipotance, or an drunken Irish pit fighter, no one is sure. His father, however, was once known as 'El Technicos Supremos en los Mundo', before the incident with the duck. El Suplexo was left to be raised by a troope of gypsy freakshow performers, who showered love and devotion on the little masked boy. Trained in everything from lucha libre to Exotic Flower Pressing Utilizing Only 16th Century Japanese Romance Novels. Apon reaching the age of 15, he proclaimed to his adopted family that one day, he would be the greatest suplexor since Ferdino De Luticina, the famous one armed fighter. So he set out to find his destiny in the world. Eventually, his travels took him to America, where he was first introduced to video games and webcomics. He soon fell into an addictive haze of Street Fighter and Penny Arcade inspired binges, resulting in his expulsion from the Leauge of United Suplexing and Breakdancing. He has spent the last 6 years in SoPas, trying to redeem himself through the splender of the well writen word. He is a loving husband and the proud father of a future lady ninja/part time squirel fighter.

*Side Suplex*
When it comes to reviews, my approach is with honest, sometimes a bit brutal, constructive critique. This site is all about, in my humble opinion, sharing your pieces with other people to become a better writer. To that end, I will never leave a review that just says something like 'Good story, I liked it'. I'm not here to pat you on the head and placate you. That is such a horrible review anyway, because it doesn't say anything at all! What did you like about it? What was done well? Was there anything that needed to be worked on? These are the questions that need to be asked so a writer can get good feedback, enabling them to become better. And since I'm dishing it out, I ask that everyone do the same for me. Honesty, and details is all I want.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

O where art thou, mighty luchador?

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Posted 12 Years Ago

hey :-p. Im loving the picture you have going. haha very comical