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About Me

I started off writing Dark poetry because at the time I was in some deep depression. Now I am very happy, and things have changed in my life. so I don't write that dark poetry anymore.

I started writing a novel but it got lost when my motherboard was fried. I did have it all printed out and in a file box, but got left behind when there was a fire, and my apartment was flooded being on the bottom floor of a 3 story building. I even had it on a website, but then the website Geocities went down without me knowing about it, and I lost everything on all the sites I had made. So now I am back to square one. Starting over with a story I started the other day. I haven't written any stories in years. I have had sort of a writers block I guess. Not had any inspiration to get me going.

Strangely this just happened after I singed up on this site! my writers block ended and a character came to life in my mind. It isn't like anything I have written before either. So I have no idea where this will go. I am just very happy to be writing again.

Most of my inspiration has come from dreams I have had, as did this most recent character of the story I am writing now. I will wake up in the middle of the night sometimes feeling myself typing on my stomach and have been typing out a poem in my dreams of something I had been dreaming about.I will actually start writing the poem in my dreams, and the feeling of my fingers typing on my stomach will wake me up, and I will finish the poem by writing down what I just had written in my mind on paper I would keep by my bedside table, and then continue to write the poem.

Sometimes I will be dreaming and wake myself up to write down the idea for a story on my notepad so I don't lose the ideas I had in my dream. I don't know how I am able to wake myself up, but something in me knows that I will lose the story if I don't wake up. It happened several times and I lost the ideas.

So I started putting a notepad and pencil by my bed so I could write them down. I guess knowing it was there made me try to wake myself up when dreaming. I think of myself as a Dreamwriter. For sometimes I start writing even while I am still dreaming, then continue, after I wake up. I don't know if others do this or not. I would like to find out if so. Please let me know if you do. I would really like to hear about others Dreamwriting experiences.

I am happy I found this site through one of my friends. Good Luck to you all that read my profile. I think writing is a wonderful joy, and hope you all do well and enjoy it.

God Bless You All.


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Posted 13 Years Ago

- Today, life begins anew. Today, you are blessed with fresh, new opportunity. You can build on the best of what has been. You can look clearly and objectively at the limitations that have held you back, and find new ways to transcend them. Today, you can make amazing progress. Today, you can reach higher than you've ever reached before. All your mistakes are behind you, and you've learned much from each one. All your experience is still with you, and you can use it in innovative new ways. This day has begun, and with it comes your chance to make a difference. In these moments you can bring your dreams to life. From deep within your purpose, look out and see all the great possibilities. This is a day that's now here for you to live more richly than ever. This is life that's now yours to explore and experience and fulfill in ways that are truly miraculous.

- by Ralph Marston