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Auckland, New Zealand
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About Me

I am Glowheart, I am 15, and I am a ballerina. I love ballet. I love my family, and my friends, and donuts, and chocolate, and my best friend, and my boyfriend, and I love reading. I'm actually more of a reader then a writer, but I have tried my hand at a few poems. Not very good ones, but hey. At least I tried. I also like smiley faces. :)


.: About you :.
Name :Sophie
Nickname :Awesome One
Eye color :Dark Brown
Hair color :Dark Brown
Fav color :Blue or purple.. or black, but thats a shade not a colour...
Fav music : Dancing music
Fav band :
Fav movie :
Fav show :
Birthday : 3rd of September!
Birth Town : Masterton
Present Town :Auckland
School : ASHS
Grade : Grade? You mean year? I'm Year 11
Style :Depends.
Screenname :Glowheart
.: Randon : Do you :.
Own ur house : Yes
Have any pets : Yes - Gracie the Puppy
Have any siblings : Yes XD
Have a Boyfriend : Apparently
-- Who :Max! <3
Have a crush : Yes.
Have a Best Friend :Yuuuuuup.
Own a ATV :No.
Have B***s : Yes.
Sleep naked : No. Unless the AC is broken.
Sleep walk/talk :Nope!
.: Have you ever :.
Sat in gum : Thankfully not.
Been kissed in the rain : Not yet.
Danced in public : All the time.
Smiled for no reason : Pffft. What kind of stupid question is that?! Of course.
Laughed so hard you cried : Yup!
Pee'd your pants : No.
Written a song :Yes!
Sang in the shower : All the time.
Performed on stage : Many times.
Talked on the phone for more than 6 hrs : I think I have once.
Gone out of your way to make a new friend : All the time! =D
Made out in a Theatre : Not yet.
Gone rollerskating since 8th grade :I've never gone rollerskating!
Been in love :Yes. *blush*
Looked in the mirror everytime you passed it : Doesn't everyone?
Kissed your mom in public : Yes!
Held your dad's hand when you were scared : Yes!
Tripped someone right after you helped them off of the floor : I'm not that mean... *wink*
.: Who was the last person who :.
Said hi to you : My puppy.
Kissed you : My daddy.
Hugged you : Max
Told you they loved you : Max
Said F**k You, B***h : No one.
Wrote you a note : Max .. It was actually a doodle..
Took your picture : My best friend!
You called : My best friend!
Called you :My best friend!
Went to the movies wit you :My best friend!
Sang to you :My best friend!
Msg'd you :My best friend!
You wrote a poem to :My best friend!
.: Whats the last... :.
Time you cried :When I broke my toe.
Time you laughed :When Max tickled me.
# you dialed :Maxi's number!
Book you read : Hero's song
Food you ate :Toast! With marmite!
Flavor of gum you chewed : Um... Peppermint?
Shoes your wore :Do bunnie slippers count?
Store you went in : "The Dancers Wardrobe"
Thing you said : "Yes Mum"
Time you looked at the time : 3:15pm
Movie you watched :"How to train your dragon" with my little sisters
Joke you told : I can't remember. I don't really tell jokes, I just make witty comments.
Song you sang :"Your beautiful" Because it was playing on the radio XD
.: Can you :.
Write with both hands : Yes, but not well.
Whistle : Yes.
Blow a bubble : Yes.
Cross your eyes : Yes.
Touch your tongue to your nose: Yes.
Dance : That is my job...
Gleek : Whats that even mean? Can I gleek? What?
Stay up all night w/o any sleep : Yes.
Speak a different language : Yes! Ni hao!
Impersonate someone : All the time.
Prank call ppl : Pfft. Of course.
Make a card house :No.
Cook : Yes! Yummy!
Sing : Not very well. But yes.
Love :Everyone can love.
Say your ABC's backwords :I haven't tried. *Tries* .. No.
Hop on one foot & keep your balance : I have to do that all the time! Thats what Ballerinas do!
.: Finish the line :.
If i were a : Bird.
-- I'd :Fly around.
My Best Friend is :Soph!
So many ppl dont kno that :I am ticklish.
My Boyfriend is :Max <3
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