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About Me

Hello its great to meet you,
I have a wide verity of interests I love antique stores and anything vintage that is mostly inspiration for me and the seasons. I also like to write poems based on experiences and thoughts. I have a wide verity of what I like to write and would like to try out different styles,if you have any suggestons or comments feel free to leave a comment of message. :)
~My bio~
I grew up in redlands california,im now 19 I have a beloved son named leif wyatt and a wonderful soon to be husband Draven who I am deeply in love with,he makes me extreamly happy.
I unfortunanly have had gone through bad experinces but the love of my son has helped my heal from them along with my wonderful fiance who has shown me love and been caring.
I have recently been trying to get my health back I got extreamly ill about 7 months ago and im recovering from that. Everyday is a challenge and a new adventure. I charish life everyday and thank the gods for everything that I have.
I am a very devout pagan ive been since I was 17,I lived my whole life as an athiest until then.
I love to cook,make things and play with my son and cats.

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~little facts~
I love childrens books most

I love to color in coloring books with my son

I enjoy house work...yes I said that. it gives me time to think.

I like to wear striped socks

I like to sing (in the car that is,and to my son because he likes my singing for some odd reason hehe)

I like to go on long walks

im a simple girl

I love animals,I was a vegan when I was younger I had to stop due to health.

I am a health nut.

I climb trees

I believe in faeries

I live young,free and fun.

I love rainy days

I collect faethers,rocks,leaves,flowers and shells

I love to cook and bake

I like tea

I like to wear scarves

I own alot of jackets

I love big purses

I love herbs,crystals,candels and incence

I make art peices with colored pencils of goddesses.

I love to make pagan crafts

I am a proud good-girl (yes I am one of the few)

I dont like to eat much meat

I like rainbow colored things

I like rachel ray magazine and parenting magazines

I like quilts and handmade blankets and other items.

I love my family they make my life everythng Leif and Draven are my world~


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Posted 13 Years Ago

Thankyou for your kind review :) much appriciated!

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Posted 13 Years Ago

I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 13 Years Ago

The best model for unconditional love is right above you in the daytime sky. The Sun shines on everyone alike, without any judgment.

Love and support are the key requisites for lasting peace. The more people embrace peace in their own lives, the more they affect the global consciousness that we all share on this planet.

Happiness is the fruit of the tree of life. It is the needle in the compass that tells you that you are on track, that you are 'on purpose' in your journey through life.

True happiness is inner joy, that deep and genuine joy which lasts forever. It comes from being in resonance with your inner purpose, with your inner self.

Your inner self is your soul, the part of you which lives forever, the part of you that is always there to help, guide and protect you.

Within this inner soul burns the flame which connects you to the entire cosmos of Creation. It is your connection to Infinite Being, to the All That Is.

In this heart of your spiritual connection lies a wonderful essence. This is the essence of spirituality and joyful living. As your conscious connection with this essence grows, so does your level of happiness.

A connected life is a purposeful and rewarding life. It is one where you apply your efforts exploring the exact situations that you came here on Earth to experience. With love and wisdom, you transform these situations into lasting success.

Through life, you experience the endless variety of Creation. Through life, you journey back to that source from which you came. Through life, you find the inner flame which is the key to eternal joy and happiness.

- By Owen Waters