Silent Hill, MA
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About Me

Hello gents and women who still could be gents if they feel the need to be so. My name is …. ha nah you don't get to know. Just call me Lawlie if you so please(; I'm quite a weirdo so please if you can't handle some odd humor then bear with me or not communicate with me at all. I'm 22 and i work as an instructor(:

I am a major fan of video games(: smoochie! I probably will write some fan fiction hell i'll write a ton of it(;

Appreance: Caucasian, Black Hair (dyed originally Blonde almost White), Blue Eyes, Slender (but i wanna be curvy because curvy is pretty but oh well)

Likes: Anime, Video Games, Cry, Pewds, Dancing, Singing, Drawing, Kissing >__< (sometimes I'm a s**t), Vintage, Music, laying in bed watching Friends, Movies, Nichloas Hoult (can't spell his name), Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Brian Reagan, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Hetalia, Creepy Hentai (like incest and lolicon hehehe), Tumblr, etc

Ships: Makorra, ZukoXMai, GerIta, Pruhun, NorwayXIceland, SO MANY HETALIA SHIPS AHHHH, Dramione, Snamione, Seddy, IbXGarry, MiharuXYukinari, MokaXTsudene (can't spell his name), LightningXHope, RoxasXNamine, HikaruXHaruhi, LXLight, LXMisa, Male!FionaXDaniella, so many others -Dead-

Just so you know, I'm not much of a writer but i'm trying to improve so please bear with me(: I don't react to criticize very well, I'm a little too sensitive but if you feel like it then you can criticize. Also i am very personal and i will just speak my mind hehe so please try not to get creeped out(:

I'd love to get to know you!(: -kisses your cheek-

Rawr! Im Xerxes Break's Wife(;